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  1. Jakey

    Real classy, guys. A bunch of true gentlemen.
  2. If a Kickstarter doesn't reach the goal or is cancelled, nobody is charged.
  3. Jakey

    Whose heads exactly?
  4. Jakey

    Loved Don't Wake Me Up, both the Orbit and Benassi versions!
  5. Jakey

    Damn it, I got my wires crossed with Cher Thank you for the correction.
  6. Jakey

    Never heard it before, nice!
  7. We all know about Alone Again, that Kylie ended up recording, Like a Flower (Laura Pausini) and even Revenge (Sophie Ellis-Bextor). Does anyone know of any other songs that Madonna passed on that ended up recorded by other artists?
  8. Jakey

    So your mother not only failed to teach you to respect women, but she also taught you violence is acceptable?
  9. Jakey

    Talk to your mother that way, the most influential female artist of all time doesn't need your angry rants.
  10. How about a trans woman? Candis Cayne could rock both young and middle aged M.
  11. Jakey

    Express Yourself Bad Girl Vogue Oh Father
  12. I quite like that this "info leak" is a forceful trolling attempt. It's what people deserve for looking for "info leaks".
  13. Jakey

    This thread is literally The Boys in the Band, except she's not your friend so you don't have any right to shit on her just because you hate yourself.
  14. Jakey

    Biden stole the election from the real winner, right? What is so hard to understand that you don't get to have an opinion on her body and you sound like an asshole when you share it?