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  1. Well, now we know why the negative people don't mind the negativity. They skim over those posts.
  2. I'm really sorry you feel this way. I've always thought every single one of your posts was trash, but I doubt I ever harassed you about it. This is classism at its worst. Gay men deciding they're the gate keepers of good taste (and pulling up the ladder behind them).
  3. It's really funny to me how some people interpret being a fan of an artist the same way people connect to sports teams. They always know what's better, the coaches (Guy O) are incompetent and the new players are always to blame for the team's demise. She's not a sports team, she's a human being and an artist, and you can either like or dislike stuff, but trashing her like 3-year olds trash kale is absurd.
  4. People in 1991? 1992? 1993? 2008? 2012? 2015? Whom are you quoting?
  5. It's amusing how so many M fans are reaching "George Lucas raped my childhood" heights of foaming at the mouth anger...
  6. It's really cool that you managed to get your cultural references up to 1999, but in 2022, this "you're the actual sexist/racist/homophobe" shit has been a tired meme for years.
  7. You won't forget it though. Her wig and grillz will haunt your dreams for years, won't they?
  8. At this point, she's clearly trolling her asshole fans, but none of them are getting the hint.
  9. Thanks for the delay, english corpse and insane fans....
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