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  1. I'd love her to perform a new mix of Into The Groove.
  2. I will look back many years from now and realise what a state the music industry has become, after reading some of the comments on social media regarding tory lanez swiping Into The Groove. His fans know his song would be literally nothing without into the groove over the top his lyrics.
  3. Most people seem to have this opinion that you have to sing like Whitney Houston to be a good singer, you don't. Every voice is unique and obviously it's all about taste. I love her raw vocals live. she's not perfect but that's what the whole live experience is about. In fact, I often prefer her live vocals. I don't want to see an act live and want them to sound like they do on the record, if some people want that then they should stay home and listen to their music on the stereo instead.
  4. She's already done that. Just put on Confessions and dance around to that and sprinkle some glitter on yourself.
  5. Almost seems like people here don't really like those two, (they'd rather be here) yet they're yearning for that sort of thing from Madonna? when they know she's never really done that, and is less likely to at this point in her career. It's really bizarre! I feel like most them come from the comment section of the DM site, and they've really just been trolling us all along.
  6. Hmm.. Oh. Maybe you just got lost on your way to the Dua Lipa forum.
  7. I agree with all this, and the use of autotune was a creative choice, it's unconventional in its sound, and what a lot of her fans want, particularly here on this forum, is just that straight up generic pop that has mass appeal and that does well the charts. I'm afraid they won't get that Madonna. Looks like some people here want her to be something she's not. She's not going to make the music they want from her, that's not what an artist does. She'll make the music she wants to make and most importantly, what resonates with her. They can always go and listen to another artist that makes exactly the music they want to hear. I think it's a wonderful thing she's making music like Madame X, she's taking big, bold risks that many aren't. Honestly, I'd prefer that than another Confessions. She won't patronise her fans or pander to them for hit records, and that's a good thing, something to be admired that she won't play the game like a lot of music stars (I won't use the word "artist").
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