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  1. They should’ve started from Everybody all the way up to Hung Up, even one a week. That would’ve tied us through nicely until we get something new.
  2. Being a judge on a show where the queens do their own make up, Ru should at least learn to do the same.
  3. “No f*cking H&M” *Rupaul turns up wearing a wrestler mask
  4. I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be...BAD.
  5. Evita brought out her new trained voice and we wouldn’t have got Ray of Light from it, but my all time favourite Madonna voice is on Rescue Me.
  6. Yes it’s true, also top of this playlist for me was Juniors Single mix of Bedtime Story, so makes sense that it’s getting far more streams
  7. Deeper and Deeper Take A Bow or You’ll See
  8. White Heat Hollywood or Don’t Tell Me
  9. I mean the Orbital mix of Bedtime Story is just fucking amazing, isn’t it.
  10. Don’t give her any ideas! Just put the damn thing on Netflix #VerySoon
  11. Candy Perfume Girl Justify My Love or Erotica?
  12. Express Yourself Candy Shop or Human Nature?
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