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  1. Like a Prayer Cry Baby or Autotune Baby?
  2. Ghosttown Love tried to wellcome me or Wash all over me?
  3. Jump One More Chance or Impressive Instant?
  4. Living for Love (I simply LOVE this song!) Get Together or Jump?
  5. God Control Die Another Day or Beautiful Stranger?
  6. Falling Free Music (Drowned World Tour) or Music Inferno (Confessions Tour)?
  7. I also miss the beautiful acoustic version of Love Spent on streaming platforms!
  8. Keep it Together: her brothers and sisters Beautiful Killer: Alain Delon Amazing: Rocco
  9. Ghosttown Like a Virgin (Blond Ambition) or Like a Virgin (Confessions)?
  10. Erotica Extreme Occident or Come Alive?
  11. Sorry Faz Gostoso or Bitch I'm Madonna?
  12. Isaac (by far!) Never Let You Go or Two Steps Behind Me?
  13. Spanish Eyes Express Yourself or Bedtime Story
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