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  1. I heard Madonna will release her new album, then it is pandemic-inspired theme and she will name it "Moderna"...

    Just kidding. :laughing:

    1. MartineX


      Moderna Life... and there is a duet with Corona "Bitch, I'm corona"

    2. Robertson II
  2. Thanks @Curtains nice game!!! I'm surprised people still like Pretender and Stay while I find it boring on the album.
  3. Well this is the album that made me a-hater-became-a-fan (I think it's because of the bandwagon hate that people made) and I thought this was a satanic album. This was and is an excellent album that made me realize that Madonna is just a human like us, adding the fact that I can relate to the lyrics of the song "Oh Father". Like M, I also have a hard feelings towards my father that ended up understanding and still trying to understand him because of this song. "Maybe someday When I look back I'll be able to say You didn't mean to be cruel Somebody hurt you too..." These lines hit me the hardest. A woman that I hated is the one who will make me cry and will teach me how to love and understand. This album is one of the foundation of my today's maturity. The album that I will treasure all my life and my most favorite. Edit: This was 2018 when I first listen to this album. After I was amazed, I rushed to the thrift/record store to buy that cassette, which later I discovered it was a Canadian press.
  4. The artwork alone shows how great this album is. I also love how they engineered this album. Also, this album shows the diva side of Madonna.
  5. Does anybody here knows what desktop app is best for ripping multiple audios from .mkv or dvd? I googled but it seems that those are crappy softwares. Thanks.


    1. norisk_noglory


      tsMuxerR should work:

      Remux/mux elementary streams, EVO/VOB/MPG, MKV/MKA, MP4/MOV, TS, M2TS to TS to M2TS. Supported video codecs H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VC-1, MPEG2. Supported audio codecs AAC, AC3 / E-AC3(DD+), DTS/ DTS-HD

    2. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Thank you very much! 💙

  6. A masterpiece but Idk why I find Bedtime Stories more erotic than this album. Just my opinion. A provocative album where she set the bar highest of how to be sexual in music, than what men did. I think this is the album where a woman extemely expresses her sexuality than any other female artists back in the day. If George Michael and Prince did it good, then Madonna did it better.
  7. Rocked the New Year with Mariah's Auld Lang Syne and Madonna's Celebration single mixes.

    Happy New Year to all.

  8. She's one of my favorite female singers aside from Mariah and Whitney (thought not much of a fan of Whitney). Though her voice is not that hardcore like Mariah, Whitney, Donna Summer, Aretha, or Barbara, but we cannot deny that she also have a wonderful voice that soothes every people's soul. With the likes of Live To Tell, You'll See, Sooner or Later, Something To Remember, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Oh Father, Promise To Try, In This Life, Take A Bow, and many to mention, she's a singer who seems like "she's not only singing but she's trying to tell a story". For live sessions and tours, her voice is still great, but not to overuse, not to always shout, and not to stress too much. Like what happened to her on Blond Ambition Tour where her voice sounds great during Japanese Tour Leg and earlier North American tour date but on the later and European, it gets worse or strained. Also, she must be aware of her voice if she can still hit a higher key on a song or to dodge it for good, because live shows do not always need to be sounded perfect as what we can also hear from studio versions. Lstly, as we ages, our internal organs including our vocal chords turn fragile so having her time to rest is a must. That's my opinion.
  9. The more time that I wait, the more time that I waste. - Madonna

  10. A longtime Madonna collector from the Philippines just died, an avid collector of Philippine presses. Idk when, but RIP Mikoy (I bet that Madguy username on the discogs and him are one).

  11. From Alan Wilder’s Q&A on Shunt: Q: Back to your appearance in 'In Bed With Madonna' - how did you end up getting into her dressing room? Are you into showbiz gatherings? And what did you think of Madonna when you saw/met her that time? A: We went to see her show and got invited backstage afterwards. Actually, she pretty much ignored us - I think she was playing up to the camera more than anything. I'm not into showbiz parties just for the sake of it but a good lig on occasion, with some free alcohol, never goes amiss! Just saw from one of comments from his facebook page post . Idk if the whole band was there or just Alan. 😞
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