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  1. Don't just stand there... do-do-don't just stand there...


    1. RUADJAI
    2. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      That's Dave Gahan and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode band

  2. If there's anybody here who attended both Blond Ambition Tour 1990 by Madonna and also World Violation Tour 1990 by Depeche Mode, then super LUCKY YOU!!!!!

    1. wonderboy


      they were the same night in my city! a choice was made....

  3. I wish someone could make a video of Blond Ambition Tour Around The World version on August 5th 2021. All performances from all Pro-footage and even performances on her Truth or Dare will be indicated.

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    2. PanditaRulez


      Something like Rebel Heart Tour DVD? 

    3. Andymad
    4. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Something like Mariah Carey's Around The World DVD, from her Butterfly tour. Also like Duran Duran Arena DVD (I believe it was recorded on a different Sing Blue Silver tourdates).

  4. If only Madonna performed her Blond Ambition Tour here in Manila back in 1990, I guess she would be the next to condemn by conservative people after The Beatles back in the 60s. 


    Also, if there would be a full leak concert of her Rebel Heart Tour, I hope that would be her concert here in Manila, Philippines. I heard a lot of people were shocked about her first concert here ever. People thought that she would just stand there in front of people then sing her songs, but they're wrong. I wish I was there.

    1. MCL_1993


      OMG, if this or any RH show ever leaks I will literally die from a heart attack. It's my favourite tour EVER.

  5. Does anybody here knows a desktop software that can create a DVD menu for mkv videos? 

    1. Paulo MDNA Tour

      Paulo MDNA Tour

      tmpgenc authoring works 4 or 6

  6. It's great to see that Sire Records was the one who manufactured those albums of Depeche Mode in North American Territory. I saw some inlay designs of Depeche Mode albums that is the same as Madonna. I remember seeing their Music For The Masses album cassette tape side that has a font design and color similar to Madonna's True Blue.

  7. I wish someone could be able to share a copy of the DVD5 of The Girlie Show Fukuoka that has a DVD menus, unlike that is available anywhere. There are something in this DVD that is very unique unlike bootleg releases out there.
  8. Wondering what happen to this website? It used to be active last year, adding the fact that this is where I downloaded the DVD copy of The Girlie Show Fukuoka with menus. I wish that the creator of this website is still active and be able to share once again that Fukuoka DVD which my pathetic blank DVD - R ruined the Everybody performance part.



  9. Wondering if there is anyone in this community tried to upscale Blond Ambition Tour Houston TX? Does the video result go well or it sucks? Thanks whoever answered

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    2. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Awesome! Hoping it would look cool! :Madonna001:

    3. Kosmmik


      Yeah! I'm getting a good (not gret result) unfortunastely the video has so much blocking :(

    4. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      That's sad. I'm still wishing someone would leak the master copy of this tour so we could all remaster this.

  10. Alright, Houston, TX. I just wanna know one thing...

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    2. Andymad


      I dont think I've ever liked any "rendition" of the like a prayer solo. Nikki did it best. The rest were just just too far from what was written in the music. I've hated all of them after BAT lol. I don't know why she gives the singer free reign in that. Just ruins it lol.

    3. PanditaRulez


      We need the soundboard of this show! 

      Here's a preview of that audio! 😭

    4. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Agree. She's so hot and fresh from Japan there.

  11. I know there are lots of funny moments during Blond Ambition Tour but these are the only things that really came into my mind. Enjoy!


    1. emanon


      Wich concert was  the one with the crotch moment?

    2. Voguerista


      Thank you. She's so cute when she's being funny!

    3. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      The crotch moment was the New Jersey concert

  12. My most favorite single of Madonna. I was lucky enough to buy a Philippine press cassette single of this. Below is the scanned inlay but compressed due to forum's limited allowance for photo upload.
  13. Does anybody has a copy of this DVD with menus who could share to me? My copy stops on Everybody, I don't know why. The quality of this one is unlike other copies that is too much of a contrast and sharpness. This one is different, it is raw ripped from VHS. Hoping that someone would help me about this copy. This is also the same as the available download link (which is now no longer working) on the MadonnaMultimedia blogspot.
  14. Anybody here who has a copy of this DVD-5 of The Girlie Show with menus like what's in below? I have a copy of this and shoul'd ve been shared a full video here on our forum last week but unfortunately, it didn't work and whenever I played it, it stopped on Everybody part. I love this copy and I hope that someone will help and share a copy of this for me.



  15. There's always been an issue of Satanism about Madonna. She may be a part of that group before, but in my opinion, I think she let go of it as she is now practicing Kabbalah/Catholicism. I also believe she still have knowledge with the group, but now to rebuke as you listen to her 1998-2015 albums. She even gave us a hint about the COVID-19 pandemic on her Eurovision Song Contest 2019. She may no longer be an active member of it, but maybe she's still have a knowledge about them and why she is using them on some of her songs like Devil Pray just for us people to be aware that someone is trying
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