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  1. I wish there is a whole footage of The Girlie Show live in Rio De Janeiro.  Idk but I've been watching a lot of brazilian tourdates of any concerts and the audiences are so lively.

  2. There's a lot of so-called demo being scattered around the internet that sounded like this like they wanna say that they rip it to a cheap walkmans. They also did this to Mariah and other artist but nah, not a demo. It's time for them to stop making demo that always sounded like the tape was fully moulded. I've been listening to a lot of cassette rip but it didn't sounded shit like this, not even close to a quality that cassette tape is producing.
  3. Because the frame rate is much stable, I bet it was ripped from a good quality vhs source unlike others thatthe video quality is too grainy
  4. So happy to have this. 🥰🥰

  5. I didn't expect that he also attended the Truth or Dare Documentary in Hollywood, CA on 1991. Wondering what is his reaction towards the film.


    1. realityisalways
    2. EgoRod
    3. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Right, it's Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode band

  6. Because Rebel Heart Tour was released in DVD, so there's a little tiny bit of possibility 😂. But if they're gonna release those Blond Ambition or The Virgin Tour on Blu-Ray, I wish everything's uncompressed and in a full no-cut setlist even just an SD quality.
  7. I hope Madonna will release all her 80s and 90s tours in DVD or Bluray without cutting any songs. Unlike what other artists did for example: Depeche Mode released their 101 in 2 DVD version but they don't really include the whole Music For The Masses Tour concert in Pasadena of 1988 in DVD2, like you know the DVD2 is just a Bonus DVD on the release, it's just only a selected performance and some of them are cut. Other example is Devotional DVD, they just make "Policy of Truth" as a bonus track instead of rearranging the setlist of the concert video properly being next to "Higher Love" and make it full. Hoping that The Virgin Tour release will all have the songs uncut (I mean includes Borderline and Burning Up) and not just making these two as bonus tracks in the end of the concert video. Some labels from other artist did that too.
  8. Maligayang Kaarawan sa iyo Madonna!

    Love from The Philippines.

    Photo credits to Glenn (Rebel Heart Tour live in Manila 2016)


  9. I have a question here because I know there's a lot of audio experts here that's why I like visiting this forum every week, so my question is: Does mp3 files can be uncompressed if I add effect/equalization from a mixing software then convert it to a lossless file, or it is still considered lossy? Thanks for your answers and your knowledge about this matter.

    1. Ryder


      if you have a lossy file it will just be an upscaled lossy file in lossless's clothing - simple as that - not an expert but that's the general rule - super pop that was given as bonus track on her site it was a mp3 that was actually lossless - and some remix versions on her commercial cd-maxis were lossy...go figure! 

    2. MCL_1993


      You have to be very careful about certain traders out there! They may sell/trade files that are lossy upscales and claim they are full WAVs.

  10. Absolutely. Very detailed. I hope they could do it to her other MVs like Vogue if those pre-1984 MVs are losing its ability to be available in 4k. We're still hoping for the pre-1984 too.
  11. Let me add this topic, Spandau Ballet music video for "Gold" was remastered in HD as it is used to be originally uploaded in their YT account in 240p only. In my opinion, it is possible to remaster her 80s MV in 4k but I don't know if it that's part of Madonna or her team's plan.
  12. #DuranDuranAppreciationDay

    1. DickTracy


      "More Joy" is SO catchy! Can't wait for the new album!

    2. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Yeah, that's a great song. I like Invisible. Can't wait for their new album too.

  13. AIMP is my new favorite player for those uncompressed audio (flac/wav) files. Unlike Windows Media Player that shows gap between the tracks. 


    1. PanditaRulez


      I like the Roon Labs player, but the last cracked versions (because the app is paid) have already failed with the metadata download and the whole experience of the app is lost.


    2. Robertson II

      Robertson II

      Looking great. Would check that one.

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