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  1. Anybody here can help me what do you call this hat that Mick Jones of The Clash band was wearing?


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    2. FallingInLove


      You are right, Fontainebleau! 

    3. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Omg thank you so much. I'll now add this to my wantlist once I get a job 😁😁💙

    4. professormouse


      FIL is correct.
      The designer whippet was sat on the side of the stage.

  2. I love The Clash. For those who seen them personally on their concert must be so lucky.




  4. My brother told me when he was in high school, he always saw Love Profusion being televised here in the Philippines. He knows that song on "I got you under my skin..." title. 😅 Voted!
  5. The "Don't Be Cruel" album by Bobby Brown is so addictive...


  6. The Estate of Michael Jackson is pure shit. Thriller album will celebrate its 40 years of existence this year, but look at the fonts they put on the 2 disc reissue album. The font looks like from an IG posts or from vlogs software. Really, the did nothing but making his catalogue look like shit. They can't even give justice to his music video like making it an HD or 4K from film.


    Though Madonna's estate in Warner is sometimes shitty, but at least they give justice on her releases. But this MJ estate is unbearable.

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    2. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Agree, Prince Estate does better than MJ. MJ's estate is just fucked up.

    3. VogueMusic


      I just wonder why the apathy at this point. I mean, don't they want to make as much money as they can? At this point, milk it for all it's worth. :lol:  It's such a no-brainer. I mean, I get why M and her team have been late to the party with this part of 'legacy' work, but she's still here actively working. In Michael's case, it tells me whoever is in charge of the estate has no real passion, nor a vision, for maintaining and preserving his body of work, and introducing it to future generations as much as possible. Just sad.

      Amazes me how the rock artists (dead or alive) know how to exploit their body of work beautifully, and the big pop artists seem to be clueless, or just don't care... :Madonna034:

    4. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      Absolutely. Imagine the time they waste, instead of preserving his legacy. Like what Madonna said before, time is money, but these estate doesn't even bother to shake their asses off. Unlike other 80s artists and bands nowadays who make their catalogues looking brand new with re-releases and boxsets like A-Ha, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Prince, many to mention (Madonna soon). They're really wasting the opportunity to make Michael's catalogue shiny and new again as a King of Pop. We all hate the fact that they're letting those catalogues even the unreleased in masters/archives rot in hell.

  7. Madonna after being fucked by her collab in OF
  8. I'm loving this channel so far. They always uploading great quality videos of Blond Ambition Tour. Big kudos to you @club78boy



    1. drunkby6


      To this day, Keep It Together is still her best tour closer imo

      It's time for a little bit of the old, in out in out

    2. club78boy


      glad you are enjoying it! so much more to come! 

  9. Whenever she release an overall compilation, she always omits Causing A Commotion (though included on Who's That Girl Super Club Mix). That song deserves to be on a major compilation album too.
  10. I like the title. It always been rotating in my mind the first time I listen to "I Don't Search, I Find"... so it's a wonderful title for a compilation indeed. ✨❤️
  11. I want this photo to lessen the pixes because it is on a smaller resolution so I decided to upscale this on some image upscaling website. Look what they do, it  looked like a painting now. Ugh



  12. Agree with you. It's also a compliment for this song to be an intro/track 1 of ROL album. It's like entering a new Madonna and a new era. ✨💙
  13. Frozen is a great song. Though I like the sickick remix the first time I listen to that, but the more M overused that, I despise it now too. Forget about the 2021 remix, save the original version please... ✨💙 Anyway, thanks @Curtains to this ✨✨✨
  14. How about in her song Mother and Father? Edit: I remember, what I'm trying to say was from her interview that she performed it while she playing her acoustic guitar
  15. It seems like they also shoot the concert without the audience. I remember Duran Duran Arena where they also shoot some scenes without audiences.
  16. Madonna when she released Express Yourself then peaked at Number 2
  17. Can't wait for her collaboration with Elsa with this one.
  18. Also this: "Give me a victims of its trillions. (In the evidence of its brilliance)" - Future Lovers. I used to sing that shit 😂😂😂
  19. I allso love all of these tracks but let me check what song should I give the highest and the lowest 🥰
  20. Glad that something good happened. I thought I lost this forum. Thank you ao much @Jackie 💙✨
  21. This BAT Vogue video seems new to me. 



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    2. me1981


      Could also be Worcester as Madonna-tv (Jamesy) has shown a few numbers from that show and she also had some regrowth in that show too

    3. MattyMads


      It looks like Boston dubbed with the rehearsal audio 

    4. Robertson Penn

      Robertson Penn

      I also think of these too... 

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