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  1. People says that she has a lot of balls, but they're wrong... Cause what she has, is a Dick!
  2. I like this band :Madonna001:


    1. mouse


      Me too. The last album is a killer :heart:

    2. Simeon Penn

      Simeon Penn

      I remember a girl who is a fan of this band. The first time I listened to their music was like 2018-2019 and I appreciate their music but not that much (because I was so into Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Mariah stuff) I stopped listening to them when that girl I used to admire (my ex-coworker) rejected me, afraid that I might think of her when I listen to their music. 


      After almost 4 years of not listening to them, last week I listened to them again during my shift and I didn't expect that I will like their songs more than the first time I listened to them. I think it's because of listening too much of new wave/synth pop like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode that's why I understand now their music more. Surprised that it no longer remind of her anymore. Maybe reminds her a bit, but now, their musicality is greater than the memory I had from her....

    3. mdnnaaa
  3. Wondering if anyone also attended Blond Ambition Tour Los Angeles May 11, 1990 then recorded it with cassette tape/Hi-8 before .... Well we have the full audio but ripping is not that good.
  4. The fanmade recording of Blond Ambition Tour Live in Los Angeles 05-11-1990 is great, it's just that the ripping sucks as there is always a break/crack within the tracks that makes it unlistenable. 

  5. I thought her Blond Ambition, Reinvention and Rebel Heart were her Greatest Hits Tours... Jk 😂✌️

    1. isaac003


      Re-invention is more "greatest hits" than Rebel Heart

  6. For those who downloaded the remastered audio I made last year for Who's That Girl Turin, kindly delete it and download the remastered version I made below which is better.


  7. So fucking happy I will have this cassette by tomorrow. :hearteyes:



    Now, my remaining target for the Philippines pressing of Madge's EP cassettes are:


    Live To Tell EP

    True Blue EP

  8. When they assume you're satisfied on a thing but they don't know you're being so meticulous you're even planning of getting it rid because it sucked.

  9. She's a great singer and I like her vocals more on Bedtime Stories as it was soothing. Despite that she delivered solid vocals on Evita, Ray of Light until Confessions... Floor, but in my opinion, Bedtime Stories seems like she started being aware of her vocals, maybe because of Whitney and Mariah during that time. With the likes of Survival, Love Tried To Welcome Me, Take A Bow to name a few, but damn, it feels like I was surrounded with clouds. That's the reason why I like BS more than any of her early album releases when it comes to vocals. #JusticeForBedtimeStories When it comes to live performances, she started fucking up her vocals when Sticky and Sweet Tour came. Well she delivered fantastic vocals during Drowned World Tour to Confessions tour anyway. But there are 2009-2016 performances that has great vocals anyway (example is her Ghosttown performances)
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