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  1. Does anybody talks about Katy Perry's version of Vogue from her International Smile performance?

  2. Am I the only one who notices some of my feedbacks from threads I made yesterday is gone?

    1. Brendanlovesu1


      the forum was down for a few hours yesterday, there's a lot of missing posts for everyone I think

    2. Simeon Penn

      Simeon Penn

      Ah I see, thanks for this


    Saving the album Ray of Light on my phone once I go to the beach, because some songs are calming.

    1. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      That album is the BEST thing to listen to at the beach! It's SOOOO surreal I've done it before many times!! Wait until you hear "Swim" start & tell me it's not an out of body experience!!! ENJOY!!! <3 My fave album!!!

  4. First time listening to Sweetener album by Ariana Grande. Idk to myself why I used to be a hater of her before... Maybe I was immature before during that time she's releasing it (or the capability of comparing today's generation artists to some 80s and 90s artists). I'm starting to like her now and her albums.

  5. Now I understand that Taylor references Madonna's "What It Feels Like For A Girl" from her "Look What You Made Me Do" MV car crash scene... Timestamp 1:08


  6. Recovering from Vertigo.


    The last album (compilation) I listened with headset on was Whitney Houston's Japanese Singles Collection. Need to rest for days... 

  7. Why the Jellybean Mix (4:48) version of Burning Up omitted? 😭😭😭


    This version is giving me a new wave vibe, unlike the main version that gives me pop-rockish

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Simeon Penn

      Simeon Penn

      Well, still wishing they could make that deluxe. Rooting for that to happen.

    3. Rebel Hugo

      Rebel Hugo

      Or maybe they are going to release it with Angel / Into the Groove 

    4. Simeon Penn
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't care about the issues that the media is putting in about her face? Like "The media is concerned about Madonna's face" but in reality, they're not. They're just creating another "demolition job" for an artist like her...

  9. I always admire the mixing of Blond Ambition Tour Yokohama Laserdisc release. Really a God-Tier mixing (what I always thought).

  10. Wondering if M will release her mixes of Burning Up including the 4:48 version (not a vinyl rip) on its 40th Anniversary...

  11. I like this band :Madonna001:


    1. mouse


      Me too. The last album is a killer :heart:

    2. Simeon Penn

      Simeon Penn

      I remember a girl who is a fan of this band. The first time I listened to their music was like 2018-2019 and I appreciate their music but not that much (because I was so into Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Mariah stuff) I stopped listening to them when that girl I used to admire (my ex-coworker) rejected me, afraid that I might think of her when I listen to their music. 


      After almost 4 years of not listening to them, last week I listened to them again during my shift and I didn't expect that I will like their songs more than the first time I listened to them. I think it's because of listening too much of new wave/synth pop like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode that's why I understand now their music more. Surprised that it no longer remind of her anymore. Maybe reminds her a bit, but now, their musicality is greater than the memory I had from her....

    3. mdnnaaa
  12. The fanmade recording of Blond Ambition Tour Live in Los Angeles 05-11-1990 is great, it's just that the ripping sucks as there is always a break/crack within the tracks that makes it unlistenable. 

  13. I thought her Blond Ambition, Reinvention and Rebel Heart were her Greatest Hits Tours... Jk 😂✌️

    1. Ivan Z

      Ivan Z

      Re-invention is more "greatest hits" than Rebel Heart

  14. For those who downloaded the remastered audio I made last year for Who's That Girl Turin, kindly delete it and download the remastered version I made below which is better.


  15. So fucking happy I will have this cassette by tomorrow. :hearteyes:



    Now, my remaining target for the Philippines pressing of Madge's EP cassettes are:


    Live To Tell EP

    True Blue EP

  16. When they assume you're satisfied on a thing but they don't know you're being so meticulous you're even planning of getting it rid because it sucked.

  17. I just realize now that Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys was cute before during the 80s and 90s

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      the poster of him in his leather gear is nowhere on the web


  18. So I read a Madonna Page article on Facebook that Up Down Suite is the most streamed track on Rain EP... Hmmmmmm Dog Meme GIF by DogeBONK

    1. PlayPause


      Have single tracks figures leaked ? Source ?

    2. Simeon Penn
    3. PlayPause


      Oh, it's Spotify only. Waiting for consolidated data from all platforms then.

  19. Step to tha... step to tha... step to that bitch!!!


  20. So the Living For Love Offer Nissim Promo Mix were never released on any promo cds? I was looking anywhere to get the lossless unremastered version of that. FEL released of that remix edit is crap.

    1. Magick


      No, it's a FEL exclusive.

    2. PlayPause


      Corrected: that remix is crap 😉

  21. Idk what's with Rain art cover but makes me wonder if this was Taylor Swift's inspiration for her look on Reputation Era (2017)

    1. Roland Barthes
    2. Simeon Penn

      Simeon Penn

      I cannot deny that she's too much of being so beautiful during Erotica era. I bet Taylor Swift took an inspiration of this era as we all know that she's also a Madonna fan.

  22. Beyonce: Hi, I'm Destiny's Child...

    Kelly & Michelle: :Madonna034:


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