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  1. I like this band :Madonna001:


    1. mouse


      Me too. The last album is a killer :heart:

    2. Simeon Penn

      Simeon Penn

      I remember a girl who is a fan of this band. The first time I listened to their music was like 2018-2019 and I appreciate their music but not that much (because I was so into Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Mariah stuff) I stopped listening to them when that girl I used to admire (my ex-coworker) rejected me, afraid that I might think of her when I listen to their music. 


      After almost 4 years of not listening to them, last week I listened to them again during my shift and I didn't expect that I will like their songs more than the first time I listened to them. I think it's because of listening too much of new wave/synth pop like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode that's why I understand now their music more. Surprised that it no longer remind of her anymore. Maybe reminds her a bit, but now, their musicality is greater than the memory I had from her....

    3. mdnnaaa
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