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  1. 風邪ひくと嫌ですよね 😷

    1. MartineX



  2. "You've got style..." that's what all the girls say...

  3. I read an article that her Celebration Tour is her most ambition tour ever. OMG, I'm so happy of whatever she may prepared from this tour. Also, glad that she is now back on rehearsal with her health being stable. Stay strong our Queen!!! :Madonna001:

  4. Hoping my internet connection will come back.

  5. I don't know why I'm so lazy these days.

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      lack of iron
      what's your level of red meat intake ?

    2. Rocco Comelon

      Rocco Comelon

      Maybe I need red meat. I haven't taken in a while.

  6. I realized just now that I have 86 cassette tapes of Madonna from my cassette tapes collection. Happy Birthday to our Queen of Pop 👑💖

  7. Gorgeous 🤩😍


    1. McDonna


      When I see this image of her, I think of Jessica Rabbit.  She looks beautiful nevertheless. 

    2. Rocco Comelon

      Rocco Comelon

      Agree, it's been 3 days since she posted this on socmed but I cannot stop myself of looking at this pic again. 💙

    3. A. A. Aardvark
  8. Whoever trimmed the outro of Papa Don't Preach from Blond Ambition Tour Dallas Soundboard should be cursed. Even though I try patching it with Yokohama outro, it still sucks.

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      use the Express Yourself 'zipper'

  9. Someone has the Blond Ambition Tour Uniondale, New York 6-12-1990 footage.

    The footager was known for filming 80s and 90s concerts. Someone (from Lambs) said that his last audience footage was Mariah Carey's Music Box Tour New York in 1993. He died last year (RIP). I don't know who runs this channel, maybe someone from his behalf.


  10. You better THINK OF ME!!!


  11. Idk but it makes me wanna listen to Beyonce's discography. I just started liking her Renaissance album.

  12. Can't stoooopppp... can't stop thinking about youuuu... 

    Having Who's That Girl OST moment rn...:benice:

  13. If MadonnaInfinity has an app, maybe this will be my most used app on my App Usage setting beside Facebok, Instagram, & Youtube. 😂

  14. Fans after the 40th Anniversary (and re-watching M dancing on Insta):


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. McDonna


      Unfortunately, the problem is "we are expecting".  And while I understand the frustration, but playing devil's advocate here, nothing was promised on the anniversary of her first album.  But yeah, is this it?

      My guess, there is more coming, but they are going to drag it out, which could be good too, because it may create a bit more hype for the upcoming tour.  And that's another thing, maybe there was more planned, but the postponement of the tour, made them to rethink how to handle the next few months before the tour.  I wouldn't be surprised if more things are on the way. :)

    3. Rocco Comelon

      Rocco Comelon

      True to this, possibly it can happen during the tour. Maybe now, it's not yet obvious mostly that M is currently on a recovery and gaining her strength.💖

    4. McDonna


      We have to keep in mind, with the tour originally starting in July, the store would have been updated by now with a lot of nostalgic merchandise related to the tour.  Chances are there was always the intention to hold off in any re-issue, or possibly it was intended to go along with the tour merchandise as well. 

      I'm still hopeful and of course, speculating. Anything is possible, but I guess we won't really know now, until the tour starts.

  15. The album where it started all. Happy 40th Anniversary M A D O N N A 🤍🖤❤️


  16. The most challenging Depeche Mode single to ever collect every remixes digitally was I Feel Loved. My god, there's a lot 😰

  17. Rest In Peace, Tony Bennett 🕊️🤍


  18. "... and what about the subject of FUCK?

    I just want to say that FUCK is not a bad word.

    FUCK is a good word!

    FUCK is the reason I am here...

    FUCK is the reason you are here...

    If your mom and dad did not fuck, you would not be here, okay!


    So get over it, O-FUCKIN'-KAY!


    Now, are you ready?

    Can I take you all with my fucking show?

    Are you ready to party?

    And can I mind FUCK YOU???


    Alright then, where's the fucking party huh?"


    - Madonna

    Blond Ambition Tour Live in Wembley Stadium, London, UK

    July 21, 1990

  19. Like A Prayer chorus lyrics (but it's all "When you call my name...")

    When you call my name
    When you call my name
    When you call my name
    When you call my name
    When you call my name
    When you call my name
    When you call my name
    When you call my name... 🎶

    1. EgoRod


      Freedom comes

      Freedom comes

      Freedom comes

      Freedom comes

      Freedom comes

      Freedom comes

  20. Because of this You Can Dance Unmixed Digital leaks, it makes me want to re-record the You Can Dance cassette tape from my "The Madonna Collection" boxset through my cassette deck.


  21. Imagining True Blue era Madonna recording Spotlight at the studio with her short blond hair on.

    1. Roland Barthes

      Roland Barthes

      Well the album was recorded between september and december of 1985 and she had shoulder lenght blond hair then. 

    2. Celebration


      I think her hair was long when she recorded True Blue.  At the press conference in London, when she filmed Shanghai Surprise, she said that she was in the process of mixing the album.

      She cut it off when it was time to shoot the video for Papa Don't Preach and for the photo sessions with Herb Ritts for the album cover...

      But I'm pretty sure she had that short blonde hair when she recorded the songs for Who's That Girl.

    3. Rocco Comelon
  22. Enough of headline shits that they called her "Bacterial Girl"!!! M is doing well now

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      some bugs kill me
      some bugs slow me down
      if i don't take the proper meds
      i'd just fade away

      i'm now living
      'coz i'am a bacterial girl

      a bacterial
      a baterial.......

  23. Was surprised to see a 12" Philippine Edit of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go being included on an Expanded Edition of their 2nd album "Make It Big". So that's the only 12" Extended Version that exist? Awesome.


    While Madonna has Philippine Edits of Burning Up and Rescue Me which can be found on 7" releases.

  24. Am I the only one who is satisfied of remastering of Depeche Mode's old recordings?


    Not satisfied with Wham's remasterings these days.

    1. Roy


      Sounds too high on the high end for Wham, especially on Wake Me Up.

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