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  1. I love Taylor but I was skeptical when Midnights won an Album of The Year. I would accept if that's Reputation or Lover but damn, some tracks from the album sounds like demos rejected from the previous two pop albums she made. I don't get it, maybe they just riding too much on the hype. I was expecting that was either Miley or Lana for AOTY.

  2. Thank you @Aiwa08for your vinyl rips and telling me about Adobe Audition. This also gives me another background of audio software editing and your knowledge about sound editing.

    I also thanked @Blue Jeanfor your Madonna updates and trivias especially on Youtube and Instagram. 

    Also @McDonnafor a healthy discussion and making this forum alive with lots of Madonna appreciation and fun things. 

    I wish this kind of thread existed on the early 2021 because I have a lot of people to thank here during that time. I just forgot their screen names here. 💖

  3. 1. Her Otto Van... whatever

    2. Her Tiktok videos (that stupid medias are bothered 😂)

    3. Her Plastic Surgery

    4. Her overall jewelries/accessories on her neck and wrist nowadays (not the 80s)

    5. Her so-called feud with Mariah way back 1995 (I don't believe she said those words because I know Madge can be bitchy sometimes but most of all, she's always classy when she's going to comment towards other artist. It's just a mistake to Mariah to bit that kind of cheap trick from media back in the 90s).

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