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  1. Thank you @Aiwa08for your vinyl rips and telling me about Adobe Audition. This also gives me another background of audio software editing and your knowledge about sound editing.

    I also thanked @Blue Jeanfor your Madonna updates and trivias especially on Youtube and Instagram. 

    Also @McDonnafor a healthy discussion and making this forum alive with lots of Madonna appreciation and fun things. 

    I wish this kind of thread existed on the early 2021 because I have a lot of people to thank here during that time. I just forgot their screen names here. 💖

  2. 1. Her Otto Van... whatever

    2. Her Tiktok videos (that stupid medias are bothered 😂)

    3. Her Plastic Surgery

    4. Her overall jewelries/accessories on her neck and wrist nowadays (not the 80s)

    5. Her so-called feud with Mariah way back 1995 (I don't believe she said those words because I know Madge can be bitchy sometimes but most of all, she's always classy when she's going to comment towards other artist. It's just a mistake to Mariah to bit that kind of cheap trick from media back in the 90s).

  3. On 12/12/2015 at 12:54 PM, theblessedjoker said:


    Celebration Tour



    Hung Up


    Burning Up


    Give It 2 Me



    Erotica (Video Interlude)

    Justify My Love

    Like A Virgin


    Open Your Heart

    Like A Prayer



    La Isla Bonita

    Take A Bow

    Who's That Girl





    Bedtime Story (Interlude)

    Hanky Panky

    Material Girl

    Cherish/True Blue

    Express Yourself

    Deeper And Deeper



    ACT 5 – DISCO PARTY     

    American Life (Interlude)


    Ray Of Light



    I didn't expect that you predicted this tour!!! 😱


    Let's see what will be her setlist then.

  4. I don't think she has releases during 2018. This was the moment when I became a fan of her.


    Exactly 5 years ago this month, I started listening to her then I became a fan of her after I listened to Like A Prayer album, it became severe when I watched the Blond Ambition Tour posted on Youtube because of the LAP hangover. I remember being a hater of her before from when I was young. It just changed after I read a lot about her, listening to her music, watching her interviews, and tours as well.


    Happy 5 years to me being a fan of the Queen of Pop, wishing her a good health. Although I am not hoping she will visit Philippines soon for her The Celebration Tour, but seeing her healthy on pictures and kicking butts is enough for me. I will still support her no matter what. 💙

  5. My mother likes Madonna, but she's not aware that I'm playing Madonna's record. She likes her because M has a soft voice and whenever I am playing her record, she doesn't even complain even a single bit. She even liked Ray of Light and she said that it is a great record for workout/exercise.


    Though I'm also a Lamb (a Mariah fan) but she doesn't like Mariah's record on the other hand. :laughing:

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