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  1. I'd welcome that, tbh. I watched that video recently and it's in urgent need of remastering.
  2. What's the next video that could be remastered judging from the release schedule? Drowned World? Or Hollywood (months late)?
  3. FINALLY! It's about time her legacy got the treatment it deserves. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has planned aside from all that's mentioned over the next few years.
  4. Hollywood is one of M's best videos - it deserves an HD/4K treatment.
  5. I hope whichever video is upgraded next is one from the '80s - that era is in urgent need of remastering.
  6. Which of M's videos have actually been upgraded to 1080p? Music, Secret, Erotica, Jump, Hung Up, Bedtime Story, Frozen, Nothing Really Matters, Material Girl, Express Yourself, WIFLFAG, Get Together and PDP (on the way)? Have I missed any?
  7. You should do all of her albums as individual boxsets - I'm intrigued to see what you'd make of them, and also it will make me pretend that her team actually released all of her albums like this instead of being lazy af.
  8. I can't wait for Open Your Heart to be remastered. It's one of my favourite videos.
  9. Oh wow, that's a cool story. The only arena I imagine she would've played in Scotland at the time was the SECC in Glasgow - quite shocking they couldn't have held the catwalk from the roof, but there you go!
  10. All of Peter's remixes for M are brilliant, tbh. She has some fantastic remixes in her catalogue.
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