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  1. Wow, that's a lot more of what I was looking for than I expected. Thank you so much!
  2. Any bootlegs you can recommend? VOB collections? Or is YouTube the best option?
  3. Editing so much and putting a bunch of filters and stuff on and reshooting scenes defeats the point of a documentary. Concert films being a form of documentary. I miss how simply shot her older concerts were.
  4. I love how the Blond Ambition tour ends with the song about keeping it together in the family as she makes the entire crew drop down into the hole. I've read that Paris was a better show and the stuff in Truth or Dare looked good (though it had too many camera changes for a concert movie), but the ending didn't have quite the same impact for me because it wasn't really the ending of the tour. I also like that she didn't have to trick the audience into thinking the show is over, only to follow up with an encore, which is too common, choosing instead to just tell them that the next song was the
  5. Sort of. I didn't listen to it until 2020. I've always liked it, but never loved it. The unfortunate thing about Madonna is that her sound is subject to the producers of her time, and music producers now are kind of boring in general.
  6. Yes, but you have to make your copy from some source, whether it's Netflix or a disc or some torrent of a disc, and Netflix's streams have much lower bitrates than the other options. It's like downloading songs from YouTube instead of using a rip of a CD. Anyone who wants to make their own copy should want a physical release. It's not like she has to choose between Netflix and a physical release. She can do both.
  7. I don't get it. Why would you not care about a physical release if you want to make your own copy? A disc (or pirated copy of a disc) would carry much more information for you to copy, meaning better picture and sound.
  8. Rather have a Blu-ray in December. I rarely stream. I don't even think our Netflix sub is active right now. Do we know what kinds of cameras this was filmed with? I'm wondering if a 4K disc might be possible. I think Mylene Farmer is the only musician who has done that so far, for her 2019 concert. The picture and audio were lovely in 4K HDR Dolby Atmos.
  9. I recommend downloading that Confessions edit that combines the high def NBC broadcast with the DVD. Basically, NBC broadcasted most of the show and whoever put that edit together completed the removed parts with the DVD, upscaled.
  10. Yes, fairly regularly, because tons of DVDs will never be upgraded to Blu-ray, and even some that are upgraded to HD are botched with digital noise reduction and such, making them look waxier and more artificial than in standard-definition.
  11. So the director and DOP have answered the question. What about Madonna? Do interviewers ever ask her? I wish one would point out how popular the bootlegs are before asking.
  12. But Bat-Fan says all of Paris was filmed, either on video or film. Is he wrong?
  13. I would want a mix of film and tape, if I can't get everything on film. Prince's Sign of the Times on Blu-ray has about five blurry low resolution minutes in the middle of the film. I don't know why, but I can put up with it and still enjoy what I'm seeing. I know that with Blond Ambition, those moments would be more frequent and sporadic, but it would still be a dream come true. I would only hope that it wasn't as wildly edited as the performances in Truth or Dare. It worked for the documentary, but I would want a concert film to have longer shots.
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