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  1. Was thinking about possibly giving it another play before my trial ends. But the Paramount+ app won't work anymore, even after reinstalling. No movie ever loads. Streaming can go blow itself. I cherish my collection.
  2. She took a twelve year break between The Red Shoes and Aerial (which was a great album). This isn't new. But yeah, if this woman is going to do more work, then I'd prefer albums and no concert movies. The time to do concert movies has passed. I think she knows that it would be unflattering for her.
  3. To be honest, I don't think I even want Kate to release a new concert movie. Like forty percent of the magic in her music videos and The Tour of Life was her interpretive dancing, which obviously becomes much more difficult with age.
  4. 2016's Before the Dawn? Yes. She very rarely performs live, so it's still exciting. She also really isn't as productive as a musician as Madonna. Hasn't released an album in ten years.
  5. I've watched Kate Bush's Tour of Life (1979). (Is there another show?) She lip-synced one of the twelve songs in the official LaserDisc version. Unless I didn't pay close enough attention. I assumed the rest was live because she had a microphone.
  6. I tried to figure out for hours why I couldn't get any sound from my TV's Paramount+ app. Finally gave up and watched it with headphones on the website, and realized only yesterday that it was because I had CEC (Bravia Sync) turned off on my TV. I hate CEC, because it makes switching between multiple displays much more complicated, (and I also never stream) which is why I turned it off in the first place. Anyway, I don't think I'm gonna watch it again, even with surround now working. I just wasn't feeling it anymore in the last forty to fifty minutes. I think her shows could stand to be shorter these days. Especially if she's gonna keep playing the same songs she has on almost every tour since Blonde Ambition (Like a Prayer, Vogue).
  7. I've never used Paramount+ before today, but I don't think so. It's playing in HD for me.
  8. This is okay. Average. About what I expected after watching MDNA. I mostly blame the rapid fire editing (shots again changing every second or two, sometimes out of chronology) and Madame X not being that good of an album. The production on that album just didn't excite me, overall. But this movie presents those songs well enough. Seeing Vogue, Human Nature and Like a Prayer live doesn't do much for me at this point, after so many tours.
  9. https://decider.com/2021/10/07/watch-madame-x-madonna-documentary-parmount-plus/ Oh, so four minutes from now, hopefully...
  10. I'm confused. I started my Paramount Plus trial but don't see Madame X. In the USA. The 4.99 basic sub.
  11. Around midnight for many of us, which means I have to wait until tomorrow. Unless I decide to make all the neighbors I never talk to watch it with me.
  12. Now that it's out, what are the specs? Resolution, audio format/config, HDR?
  13. I think I'll still just wait to watch it with my Paramount trial in two days. The Russians will probably make the file teeny. I've actually been watching mono movies with headphones the last several days, partly so that I can be excused for cranking my speakers up when the time comes.
  14. No. Most of the 20th century concerts released on Blu-ray were theatrical presentations originally. If it wasn't released in cinemas, then it's probably not that well known and not worth remastering in the eyes of the studio. Since none of Madonna's concerts was ever released in cinemas, I seriously doubt they will ever come to Blu-ray. The only exceptions to this that I've found are really popular artists like The Rolling Stones, whose non-theatrical concerts benefited by being shot on film. Most of Madonna's old shows were shot on video, so no HD. I've read that the Virgin Tour was shot on film, but too few people are gonna care about that one. It was fine, but one of her weaker tours. Mainly the hardcore would buy it, which isn't enough for the studio. We also don't know if the original materials are even still accessible and complete. Some people claim the whole Blonde Ambition show is still on film somewhere, but if it was ever going to be used, it would have happened already. It's very rare for shows to be released for the first time so long after they were filmed. Queen Rock Montreal for example, which the band member(s) produced partly because they weren't relevant anymore. I also am aware that Confessions was shot in HD, but again, not released in cinemas and not rock music, so it probably won't happen.
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