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  1. I didn't start with any attitude and I still don't think I'm giving any lip. This is what I originally said to him after he replied to me. "No offense to you, but AI upscales are gross." What was I supposed to do, sugarcoat my disdain for AI upscales? He then got all offensive, with "precious version" and suggesting I wasn't bright enough to switch to 2160p. All I then did in the post you quoted is point out the problems of AI upscaling.
  2. I'd rather have this than something upscaled by an AI program and smoothed out by grain filtering. Where can I get it? Is it available in the music section? If not, I may order it on Amazon.fr at some point. Just having trouble changing the site preferences to English right now. Don't see anything that says "langue." Crap. Don't wanna pay the higher prices American importers have.
  3. What's with the attitude? If you have the LaserDisc PAL version scanned, I'd love to see/have that one or know where you got it from. Just a pure rip. But an upscale with, I assume, motion interpolation to double the framerate? That doesn't interest me. For all the guesstimates your program did to add detail in between what was there originally, I actually see less detail in your version. Look how the vain on her neck has been smoothed out. How much stranger the hair sticking to her face looks. The reduction of detail in the drapes behind her. The reduction of detail on her right sleeve.
  4. Wait, you're asking if I'd rather have improved versions of Blonde Ambition, Ciao Italia, Girlie Show or Drowned World than Madame X? Hell yes, give me the classics. But it's not happening, so who cares? Madame X is on okay album. I just don't care much for the producers (the sound) of her last few albums and I know she can't dance as much anymore after all her injuries, sadly.
  5. It has an average bitrate of 4.3 mbps that goes as high as 9.6 mbps. That's moderate to high for a DVD. No offense to you, but AI upscales are gross. They're computerized guesstimates of what should be there. The popularity of them here perplexes me. I'd rather watch the DVDs of her music videos and concerts than the weird looking upscales all over the video section. LaserDisc's vertical resolution is only 425/440.
  6. Don't try to get BAT on DVD. I wasted my money on a really compressed DVD from madonna-store.com before I realized it was never released on DVD officially. Just look for the in-house promo DVD rip on this site.
  7. The in-house promo DVD version of Blonde Ambition Tour shared here is fine. I could die happy with it. I prefer that show over what I've seen of the other shows in Truth or Dare, even with it being shot on video instead of 35 mm film.
  8. I'm not excited either. I just wanna see it. I didn't like the production on the Madame X album very much. Madonna's sound, sadly, is determined by the times, and modern sound/production in general bores me. That the show has now been edited so much further drains my enthusiasm.
  9. That's kind of what Mylene Farmer Live 2019 on 4K was for me when I watched it last year a few months into the pandemic. The show wasn't great and I can't speak French anyway, but it was nice to see so many thousands of people packed together in a venue only a half year before the pandemic. Yeah, Madonna let this become less relevant.
  10. Where does she say October for the physical release? Too many posts.
  11. Wow, that's a lot more of what I was looking for than I expected. Thank you so much!
  12. Any bootlegs you can recommend? VOB collections? Or is YouTube the best option?
  13. Editing so much and putting a bunch of filters and stuff on and reshooting scenes defeats the point of a documentary. Concert films being a form of documentary. I miss how simply shot her older concerts were.
  14. I love how the Blond Ambition tour ends with the song about keeping it together in the family as she makes the entire crew drop down into the hole. I've read that Paris was a better show and the stuff in Truth or Dare looked good (though it had too many camera changes for a concert movie), but the ending didn't have quite the same impact for me because it wasn't really the ending of the tour. I also like that she didn't have to trick the audience into thinking the show is over, only to follow up with an encore, which is too common, choosing instead to just tell them that the next song was the
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