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  1. Initially I would have said that it seems pointless but it would make sense to release one with the biopic, and it would be good if they capitalised on the Dolby Atmos spatial audio feature since she was sort of the first to use it in the first place. If they do another one though then some actual thought and effort needs to go into it this time.
  2. Get Together Live to Tell or Open Your Heart?
  3. As if Madonna is going to acknowledge that she's singing off-key.
  4. I hope they announce who the actress is soon. My guess is Florence Pugh.
  5. GHV2 is fine, it just pales in comparison to The Immaculate Collection. Celebration is the real mess of her catalogue.
  6. Hallucinate is the most Madonna reminiscent song on Future Nostalgia for me. I'm surprised she wasn't asked to feature on that instead.
  7. I'm going to pretend that I haven't been searching for her social media accounts for days.
  8. I love how her team asked Twitter which of the videos from Confessions on a Dance Floor they wanted in HD, everyone said Sorry and they've gone the complete opposite way.
  9. It'll be a shame if she's re-recorded the vocals for this tour because I don't really think it's necessary. She sounded really good when I saw the tour.
  10. Rescue Me Angel or Crazy for You?
  11. Hopefully it will be available for pre-order on her birthday like she did with the Rebel Heart Tour, I think.
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