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  1. It is strange that the official announcement stated that the first release will be announced soon and they've said nothing five months later. Maybe they plan to start the campaign when she starts shooting the biopic?
  2. I think MDNA would have turned out differently, but aside from that I don't think much would have changed to be honest. Most of the decisions for Rebel Heart and Madame X came from her.
  3. Is there an edit out there of Hung Up that lasts 4:45? Besides the album version, I’ve only heard the radio edit.
  4. Didn't Amy Pascal say that the biopic starts shooting in 2022? If that's the case then I can't see her doing anything else next year.
  5. The corset was colour corrected in some shots of the performance in the documentary. Christian Lamb filmed the full Lisbon show for the scrapped CBS special and the shelved DVD. I'm not sure if Jonas Åkerlund filmed the full Paris show since that footage was only for the documentary.
  6. The planned release for the Re-Invention Tour combined footage from Lisbon and Paris, I think, so I don't think we'll get the Paris concert in its entirety. The two performances that were released look like they were taken from the Lisbon footage.
  7. Madonna, a multi-millionaire, letting people work for free and sleep on couches?
  8. I like the idea of her just calling it Madonna to be honest.
  9. I'm pretty sure the Re-Invention Tour exists fully edited and was just shelved. There's a post about it on her website. https://www.madonna.com/news/title/re-invention-tour-dvd-update
  10. Hopefully WB will include Gambler on the deluxe edition of Like a Virgin, along with Crazy for You and Into the Groove.
  11. I agree. I think the only thing he's influenced is her love for Photoshop. She does look fantastic at the moment though, and I imagine the new styling has something to do with the upcoming reissue campaign and the biopic.
  12. Fantastic news! I can't wait for the first release. Perhaps they're planning on going in chronological order?
  13. No, but if she tours again then I can see her doing something in the vein of the Re-Invention Tour, where it's promoting new material but is essentially a greatest hits tour.
  14. No, I think she just likes to keep moving forward. She definitely seems more fond of looking back in recent years though.
  15. I’ve noticed that her team have changed the name of her music videos playlist to “Iconography” as well. Perhaps they’re planning on using that title for something?
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