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  1. Anyone has teh audio rip of all Tina Turner live dvds? I have it, but my files, some are damaged. can you share yours, please?

  2. Simply the best 😢


  3. I think Like A Prayer is my Madonna. Of course i like the others, but LAP...feels like flying.

    Listening to a Gregorian version I found on YouTube, better than the One from the Gregorian Madonna CD. 


  4. Anyone has Chromatica demo álbum? Found on telegram but wasnt complete.

    1. ihearsinez


      The only songs where demos have leaked are Rain On Me, Free Woman, 911 & Babylon. There are snippets of the Sine From Above and Stupid Love demos too :)



    2. MartineX


      Thank you


    the yellow ones are fakeimage.png.93d53326ecea92f5e28899013947cb7e.png

  6. the Kylie leaking continues. Some more today, some clearly fake, titled has Kylie but people that couldnt sing singing... the guy that posted lots of songs, this afternoon is posting fake garbage

    1. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      All these leaks but nobody's leaking Kylie backdrops like the Crying Game medley and GBI backdrop from Fever2002 or Love At First Sight from X2008/FYFM lol.


    Mary, mary...just love this song. The day I made my first and only tattoo, i couldnt stop listening to it. Actually, One day at work, for 6 hours and a half i ONLY listened to it. 😊

  8. Thank you guys for Kylie. Some people dont like leaks, I understand that...but I like them, I'm way too anxious, like a beautiful disaster, and I've cried these tears for way too long, sad songs always tell the truth. Thank you, you put on smile on my face, most Times i'm Not confortáble in my skin, And music has always been like my best friend. never been really happy this way, and I'm "in denial" cause of that.  Like ABBA say: thank you for the música😘

    1. Angelo


      Let's hope this one will be good...disco was just cheap and boring

    2. MartineX


      Cheap and Chick, @Angelo😛

  9. it is American Life or American Lie?

    Bwhen she sings "American Life...." it really sounds like American Lie. Years ago I read that it was American Life, that in a country I can remember the name, they even pressed it as "American Lie", but that it was "too much", and was "rejected"...


  10. anyonew knows wich AI is people using to make other people sing other artists songs?

  11. What AI is people using to create songs with the voice of other artists? I wanna do something

  12. Does anyone here knows "Latin"?

    I could ask the Pope, but just lost his number

  13. Shakira on Jimmy Fallon was amazing

  14. I guess it wont happen! ah ah ah ah


  15. trading my virginity for Madame X demos. Anyone wants to  deflower me? ah ah ah


  16. i'm a fake fake girl in a fake fake world,

    Its Not a fake fake thing if you leak me 😁😂 going crazy 

  17. Have you heard about a set of 16 Rebel Hearts demos in wav? Once someone shared them with me...but, reading about all the stuff shared lately, I start to beleive these 16 are fake fake fake...fuck fuck fuck

    1. Bermu


      Share them publicly (at least one of them) if you want so others can get us out of doubt :thumbsup:

    2. slave


      https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHae3E73tEhwJQo349AGiwEaBKX3Sog5A - are you taking about those demos? I am also wondering if they are real, because they sound great ;)

  18. Making love is not a bad word,

    Making love is a good word 😁 

    Blonde Ambition 😝

    1. DickTracy


      I thought it went "Fuck is not a bad word"

  19. Is here a doctor?

    I need a little help/advice, please.

  20. Can you help me identify this language?

    My HBO Max is weird...I have thr subtitles selected in my owen language, audio english, but most times it plays dubbed in this language I dont understand...

    Studio Project — Kapwing.mp3

  21. if you wanna buy Lola's ep

    Go | Lolahol (bandcamp.com)

  22. I've been wanting for ages to change it, and finally I changed the clock alarm on my phone, and the lucky winner is: the begining of Ray of Light. I wanted something peacefull.

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