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  1. I lost my Virginity. Can you help me find her? I miss her...

    1. MartineX


      She's my doG!

      I can hear her bark beat for the very first time...

  2. what I found

    (470) Akcent - King of disco (Official Video) - YouTube

    1. slutpride


      Early Akcent is the best Akcent.

  3. 2EN1  - Like a virgin in WAV of Flac? Anyone can shra with me, please. Thank you

  4. Soon, I will share a mix I have done. It's not perfect but I love it.

    Oh, my soon is not Madonna's soon! :tongue:


  5. image.png.93645c97d0a810b05d2598ac87c560d4.pngimage.png.a9bf65069f847861c9aa56e5b4d9fa55.png

    Is any of it worth sharing?



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    2. Karma


      Very interested in the 'Celebration' stuff!

    3. MadonnaLove


      share them all If you can.

    4. sbrombolessio


      ghv2 megamix sessions, american pie jb digital flac, fever sterling, lap vocal transfer (don't know what it could be)

  6. Madame X Demos, please!!!

    or I will leave the forum by the end of the month...:tongue:

  7. Anybody already has Bryan Adams - So happy It hurts album? if I get lucky next week I'll get my cd

  8. Going to make  a leak...

    1. MartineX


      Sorry, april's fools came early today...I just went to the WC :lol:

  9. Those 13 soldiers may have died but they were brave.

  10. Madonna fan base is Burning Up between The Big Apple and Down Under...

  11. ne me touche pas...

  12. I wonder why the gays worship pussy even if it scares them (Madonna, Gaga, Monroe, Minelli, Minogue...) but they love to suck dick? :thinker:

    Hey, dont kill me. I'm just having existencial doubts. you know, those questions you never get answers...

    hey 2, take it with a grain of humor/ irony.

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    2. RayofPrayers


       bi guy here… i personally prefer artists who can perform and put a lot of detail into their music.. that’s women by large, i think the standards are lower for men in terms of performing on stage and dancing

    3. VogueMusic


      Ok. nevermind then.

    4. MartineX


      when I posted this I meant it as a joke...I suck dick too. Well, that used to be my playground, cause lately I'm affraid of my own shadow...Imagine if my shadow sneezes! 

  13. Madame X is better than Ray Of Light:tongue:

    Happy Velentine's Day @Shoful!

    1. Shoful



      Happy Valentines Day! :hug:

  14. Hello Stranger!

  15. My Everybody cd. Both cd and cover say: 1 - instrumental 5.56,

    2 dub 9.23


    its actually single version 4.55 and dub 8.58 (yellow series)

    is it worth a million euros? :-)

  16. Anyone recorde the Instagram Live she did?

    I woke and read about an insta live she did where she discussed the Biopic name and other things.

    1. me1981


      It was fun, but you didn't miss much. I think Madonnarevolution on insta might have it

    2. Enrico


      Have you checked our topic?


  17. I wanted to make a remix compilation to put on my phone...I can only remember 2 that I like: WIFLFAG Above & Beyond and Frozen Stereo Mcs.

    But I just dont feel like listening to all the remixes soI can chose theones I Like the most....

    1. professormouse


      Stick a megamix on & or a few instrumentals.
      Then you could sing along.
      And video the evidence ?

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      im trying to get into her remixes and so far ive only listened to God Control, Medellin and DSIF's remixes

      so far ive liked these


      • I Don't Search I Find (Ryan Skyy Remix - Radio Edit)
      • Medellín (Sak Noel Remix - 105 BPM)
      • Medellín (Erick Morillo Edit)
      • Medellín (DJLW & John Christian Remix)
  18. I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there...

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