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  1. I lost my Virginity. Can you help me find her? I miss her...

    1. MartineX


      She's my doG!

      I can hear her bark beat for the very first time...

  2. what I found

    (470) Akcent - King of disco (Official Video) - YouTube

    1. slutpride


      Early Akcent is the best Akcent.

  3. 2EN1  - Like a virgin in WAV of Flac? Anyone can shra with me, please. Thank you

  4. Hi Donald! Wanna have dinner tonight?
  5. Freeze the frozen remixes, pleeeeeease!
  6. I bet sge will say: Fuck Putin...fuck fuck fuck
  7. Soon, I will share a mix I have done. It's not perfect but I love it.

    Oh, my soon is not Madonna's soon! :tongue:


  8. the sex book, i think it was the first time i saw another man's dick...thank you Madonna
  9. Madonna: from the queen of pop to a one hit wonder remixer... she is acting like some 80's acts...always releasing "new versions" of their hit from the 80's...
  10. NO! NO! that cant be true... after spending time in the bed with a shrink...now this doesnt close? nooooo...
  11. Kiss my S. I want it, @Shofulwants it. We are at least two. MDNA sucks
  12. Once I saw a print from a portuhuese guy saying he heard the demos and were more orchestral, better. I contacted him but never got an answer from him. I can tell you who he is
  13. I guess we wont be lucky @Shoful
  14. image.png.93645c97d0a810b05d2598ac87c560d4.pngimage.png.a9bf65069f847861c9aa56e5b4d9fa55.png

    Is any of it worth sharing?



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    2. Karma


      Very interested in the 'Celebration' stuff!

    3. MadonnaLove


      share them all If you can.

    4. sbrombolessio


      ghv2 megamix sessions, american pie jb digital flac, fever sterling, lap vocal transfer (don't know what it could be)

  15. Madame X Demos, please!!!

    or I will leave the forum by the end of the month...:tongue:

  16. Anybody already has Bryan Adams - So happy It hurts album? if I get lucky next week I'll get my cd

  17. Going to make  a leak...

    1. MartineX


      Sorry, april's fools came early today...I just went to the WC :lol:

  18. https://www.20min.ch/story/oscar-gewinner-sean-penn-ist-in-der-ukraine-187286503356
  19. Sean Penn is in Ukraine filming a documentary.
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