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  1. This mf really reviewed the standard edition of the album as the definitive one, how dumb oc it's disappointing, it's not the whole album, deadass
  2. *Everybody enjoying the album listening to it on Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music* Bitches like me who use YouTube:
  3. And I love all her catalog as well, I just don't find the evil everyone finds in this album, heck I even like MDNA for God's sake- Anyways, Hard Candy AOTY idc
  4. This makes a lot of sense actually... Yeah YT is a nice extra for artists but not profitable, either in terms of sales and profits, they probably studied this plan.
  5. Just saw the news, I knew she was coming for blood! As soon as I saw Hung Up was remixed I was going to roll my eyes, but this is a really well made remix and actually SLAPS, same for the Material Girl verses!So happy to see her back at her true perfectionist self, great look, voice and moves! Just so sad I can't find anything else outsides of the potato quality snippets, ugh, hopefully they recorded it and are going to release it! Same for the remixes, there's no way they recorded these remixes just for a private gig!
  6. So sad it's not on YouTube! I wonder why tho, isn't it a streaming service like others? :(
  7. One of my favorite albums ever and the first I've ever known of her! I just need to relisten to Broken and I'll send my rightfully hugely high votes, so sorry for the basic h0es who don't get this masterpiece 💋 Kinda disappointed you didn't include Across the Sky and Latte tho :(
  8. This is all so exciting I wanna cry, Omg even the legendary Hung Up choreo!!! I wish I could stay up all night to follow every little update till the very moment of the show but I'm really tired and need to go to bed, I'm so pissed! Well I'll have an exciting good morning catching up the news at least lol xD
  9. Jokes apart I love this look so much, her best in ages!!!
  11. I loved her look as well last year (and still think it was a fun silly performance) and really hope she'll be wearing bright colors and colorful wigs again, these looks really fit the joy of Pride, imagine her with pink hair for a performance
  12. I found this hilarious and couldn't stop laughing 😂 I don't get how suits and sneakers would have made this better tho???
  13. Omg Hard Candy is the next one, I can't fucking wait to award my bestie with all the 10s in this world 💋
  14. True but someone could have spammed unfair low votes so Hung Up could lose for sure, just look at that 1 and other Megarates 🤦‍♂️
  15. My "emotional gay" anthem, soundtrack of all the fanfics in my head, you did amazing sweetie
  16. Funnily enough she had that exact wig on tour in Japan so yeah, it was all made in 15 minutes fs
  17. So much merch Omg, we're getting a lot of dildos for Erotica 30th!!!!!
  18. I actually love the video, wtf why everyone says it's ugly? I think it's simple yet gorgeous. I love this song but imo it's much more 'simple' and less deep than all the other songs in top5 either in being catchy or in elements of the production 🤷‍♂️
  19. I love it but the 5th place is enough for it. Even too much maybe lol
  20. LGBTs won already thanks to this top5 so I'll try to be less cruel as possible with those who won't agree with me in the definite ranking =D
  21. Not really, just more interested in other songs of her for example, I love Nicky Minaj & MIA, such an uplifting song
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