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  1. 1.This is audience scene from Madame X tour streaming video 2.This is audience scene from MDNA tour DVD That's right Madonna reused audience scenes from the MDNA tour nine years ago in a Madamex tour video.
  2. I understand why you are worried. But I don't think it's because Madonna is an alcoholic or something. She was just out of breath. That's it. These days, she tightens the corset too much to hide her protruding belly or tightens the belt too much like during this surprise performance. So she just runs out of breath easily. If you tighten the belt to the extent that you can't stand it, you'll quickly understand what I'm saying.
  3. Not to body shame? wow... So if you say about her body then it's not a body shame it's just fact and then the other people say about her body then it's body shame?
  4. I understand why you are so angry. The truth always hurts. But you have accept it. Cheer up!!! ;)
  5. Really? Well, for me it's painful to watch. Madonna's puffy face and her creaking dull movements. It just sad to watch her struggling. And Madonna is absolutely right. Madame X tour is a show where cameras should never be allowed. That means including Professional camera too!! If you saw this show in person, the intimacy given by a small space can make you fantasize. However, from the moment this show is filmed with a camera(even film with professional camera and heavy editing), the fantasy disappears and only the harsh reality remains. Small and crude stage equipment that doesn't suit the queen of pop... Flamboyant editing could not hide its crudeness. And her dull body movements were too painful and sad to watch.
  6. 1.Truth Or Dare / In Bed With Madonna (1991) 2.The Girlie Show: Live Down Under (1993) 3.Drowned World Tour (2001) 4.The Confessions Tour (2007) 5.MDNA World Tour (2013) 6.Ciao Italia: Live From Italy (1988) 7.Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour (1985) 8.I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (2006) 9.Sticky & Sweet Tour (2010) 10.Rebel Heart Tour (2017) 11.Madame X (2021) : This is the first Madonna tour film which I constantly did skip the scenes the middle of watching. It was painful to watch...
  7. Teasing and missing is different. At the beginning of the tour, Madonna didn't even send him a signal. Because she believed in him. A good keyboardist should have done what she wanted by looking at Madonna's body movement. However, when he continued to fail to understand Madonna's movements and missed the note or did not hit the keyboard at all, Madonna looked at him and nodded at him and began to send a signal. It's like, "Can you see me sending a signal to you moron?" "Play the keyboard now".
  8. Oh.. that's the dude's name. Rickey Pageot... But Madonna and his interaction was so BAD. you have to admit that. for example, "Music" performance form Rebel heart tour. He couldn't even play the keyboard properly in time for Madonna's movement, and you can feel how frustrated Madonna was with him. Richey whatever should go. It's time. I mean it's already late but.
  9. LOL Look at this! Madonna and his interaction is spot on!! I love it!!!
  10. OMG!!! Is he really Jon Batiste? He looks so young and different without a beard!!!! YESSS!!! Please!! Please!! Fire the rebel heart tour keyboardist and hire Jon B! Please!!!!!
  11. well not pathetic, I said "kind of" pathetic. LOL
  12. by the way who is this Piano guy? I really like Madonna and his interaction unlike S&S tour, MDNA tour and rebel heart tour's keyboard guy. I mean that dude was horrible.
  13. Some nobody insisted that Madonna would have a surprise performance at the Jimmy fallon Show, but look at this!! Madonna's amazing surprise performance clearly shows the level difference why Madonna is the queen of pop and why nobody is forever nobody! LOL I really love this surprise performance! We have to be honest, that gay pride club whatever performance was kind of pathetic. But this surprise performance has class, power, and shocking value!
  14. OMG This is the first time in the past 6 years that Madonna has shown how she used to be! The one and only Queen of Pop is back!
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