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  1. I wonder how many ppl will keep it sealed?
  2. Anyone getting the pin set? Only 24825 sets left! I'm waiting for my salary. I hope it won't sold out! I'm having anxiety now!
  3. 1. We Are Gods 2. Hey You 3. I'm Going Bananas 4. Jimmy Jimmy 5. Cyber-raga 6. Don't Stop 7. Where Life Begins 8. One More Chance 9. Shanti Ashanti 10. Auto-Tune Baby 11. I Know It 12. Over And Over 13. Cosmic Climb 14. Act Of Contrition 15. Did You Do It? 16. Come Alive 17. Cry Baby 18. Into The Hollywood Groove 19. Can't Stop 20. Spanish Lesson
  4. Luckily she didn't include this in AL 'cos there's way too many fillers already.
  5. Not enough. Some fans insisted WB to send a team to knock at their doorstep and inform them it has been released. Just like those fans who complained M RSD title not sold in the store 3 blocks away from their house and refused to get it via online.
  6. The moment she decided to abandon the original TBGO and went for falsetto version, I knew HC won't break 1m sales in US.
  7. UK store has shipped out my picture disc What's with US store? 😠
  8. Sold out Must've been someone cancelled their order.
  9. US store has removed the picture disc listing.
  10. 1. Autographed English Roses boxset 2. Swept Away Blu-Ray 3. Body of Evidence Passion box 4. Madonna & Otto Von Wernherr – The Early Years 5. Confession Wine boxset
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