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  1. Not to forget "Tik tok", "goodbye", or words end with "ion" M is so ahead of time! she used "tik tok" term even way before tik tok app was developed!!!
  2. She seriously needs to do another movie! I want to know what happen to Abbie after Sam grown up!
  3. The single release for BS should be: 1. Secret 2. Take A Bow 3. Don't Stop / Human Nature (Double Side A) 4. Forbidden Love
  4. It's a shame "Where Life Begins" didn't get a single release
  5. MDNA - I can't even finish the 1st disc. After GMAYL, I fast forward to Masterpiece and stop playing... can't even remember the last track of disc 1, let alone playing the disc 2. Rebel Heart - It feels like chewing a candle, so bland & hard to swallow. Fillers AFTER fillers... my god.... so this was what happened when she didn't have someone to QC her album... LFL is an epic failure as a lead single. Those that she'd shelved i.e. "2 Steps Behind Me" & "Trust No Bitch" sounds much better than 99% of RH album tracks I can't even get through half of the songs on disc 1, hence almost 99% of my RH album are sealed except the Germany edition with "Autotune Baby"... BIG mistake.... AB is worse than shit. MadameX - I HATE the old madam look cover. The lead single was a disappointment... too much Spanish too slow. "Dark Ballet".... it seems like there's only 1 note throughout the entire song and no climax. "God Control" sounds like she had a frog in her throat... disco + church choir feels like vodka + hand sanitizer. After 3 tracks, I lost interest and stop playing. Suddenly I find WTG soundtrack more enjoyable than the above mentioned albums COMBINED. Did I have a point of view? Oops, I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind * waiting for vicious gay to quote and attack me *
  6. No, she's not. * Anticipating vicious gays to quote me and attack me*
  7. I would die for a video for One More Chance
  8. As long as they pay for the usage, why not?
  9. This is pure speculation. M does not share royalties.
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