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  1. Thank you. It's fantastic. I just love it a lot.
  2. Like A Prayer (MXT) Nothing Fails or Girl Gone Wild
  3. 1. Nothing Fails 2. Turn up the Radio 3. Hung Up 4. Music 5. Frozen
  4. It's such an fantastic movie . I just love it a lot.
  5. Like a Flower Girl Gone Wild or Deeper and Deeper
  6. You Must Love Me (S&ST) Love Profusion or Ray of Light
  7. That's such a amazing album. I just love it a lot.
  8. It's such an amazing song. I just love it a lot.
  9. Dear Jessica Video Material Girl or Girl Gone Wild
  10. I'm favorite would have be Blond Ambition Tour and Brixton performance, I just love it a lot.
  11. 1. Justify My Love 2. Cherish 3. Girl Gone Girl 4. Erotica 5.Into the Groove 6.Express Yourself 7. Open Your Heart 8. Human Nature 9. Fever 10. Get to Together
  12. Ghosttown Ray of Light Frozen Vogue Get to Together Music Rain Nothing Really Matters Turn up the Radio Cherish
  13. Those are just fantastic photos of Madonna. I just love it a lot.
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