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  1. oh you have personally reported so many of my posts , oh please BOTHERED
  2. candyshop is perfect for a title , id go with "live to tell " as the title
  3. well when this forum allows a member to post instagram links that are dedicated to hating on madonna i begin to wonder if this is the right place for me ..i will defend madonna against people like this not just because i love her but because i feel its absolutely disgusting behaviour - i also believe sadly there are haters of madonna on this forum and they bring down the forum on purpose prob so they can post the meltdowns etc etc on other forums etc etc ..its not that im intense its that i know that there are some on this forum who hate on madonna and ruin it for everybody else and its acceptable ..as for photoshopping well the people who are slagging off madonna for using this are using filters or edited pictures themselves and i will call them out on the hypocrisy of it - its just sad that in this forum a real true madonna fan is a target - people are entitled to not like madame x i do not have a issue with that - please explain why i am intense ? its not very welcoming forum is it - i feel like if i started saying negative things about madonna i would be more accepted and not abused with personal insults
  4. Its difficult to be positive in this forum when so much negativity swirls around it , its quite depressing - ive not noticed this in any other madonna forum - its pretty concerning that a madonna fan who defends her will get more abuse than one that hates on her on this forum - im going to step away from this forum for a while as the negativity is just deeply depressing and its difficult to enjoy madonnas work when visiting and reading such rubbish from some on this forum ..tata for now .
  5. wow , how many personal insults towards me in one post - pathetic
  6. In my opinion the entire madame x show is all about freedom fighting not just batuka and god control was clever and the video was great - it was not yawn ..a song about gun control is not yawn ..madonna has always used religious images in her work and this will continue - least she is a artist that likes to change things up and not do the same shit for decades
  7. what the hell do you mean owning up to the slave trade ?
  8. 7,095 1,445 posts Posted 2 minutes ago I kind of co-sign what you're saying, Jackie. Madonna's "freedom fighting" for the past decade feels so shallow. Even though secretprojectrevolution kind of hit the nail in the head in terms of what was coming in America, the message was delivered through something that can be only be described as a glorified magazine editorial. Therefore the lack of impact. Preaching about billionaires while she herself having a good fraction of a billion is... well, pun intended, rich coming from her. It's just a bunch of slogans and platitudes that ring hollow. The only subversive thing she's done lately is the "Batuka" project, both song and video. (add in my opinion here )
  9. hilarious - fighting to be free does this answer your question free to do what the hell she likes ..photoshop what she likes , get ass implants if she likes ...so editing her photos does not mean she is fighting ? ..erm ok -
  10. underated - american life overrated - like a virgin ( urggg her worst album )
  11. I wish she would not justify her work on instagram , it makes me think she reads her comments which i really do not want her to do " i dont need to justify anything " Human nature
  12. love this

    1. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      Yes! I love this remix!! Nothing like the Calderone Club one but still groovy af! One of my fave M tunes for sure!! Thanks for sharing :) 

    2. dubtronic
  13. she wont stop touching up her photos till haters and some fans stop being so triggered by it - this is the new grills lol
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