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  1. I also think she should other people praise her impact in music, but she tends to praise herself.
  2. I tried to defend M for years. I tried to make friends and family appreciate her as a person. Most people I know DON'T like her. They may like some of her songs, but think she's arrogant. And silly. And pretentious. And a freak. ;) I think she's either adored or hated, as she provokes very strong feelings. Or she is completely ignored by some. (I know many people that are totally into pop music, but never bought a Madonna record).
  3. That's true. But all her filtered pics don't help either, people expect her to look like she usually presents herself via Facebook etc., and then she appears and looks totally different. First she provokes envy, and then people are relieved she doesn't look that fabulous. Also her speeches may be appreciated by her fans, but the general public just hears that she praises herself as rebel, trailblazer, icon, queen... It's not something that people find very likable.
  4. Yes, but then again, most older men don't take pictures of themselves in their underwear, posing in the bathroom, lying on the bed, trying to portrait themselves as young and sexy as possible. I'm not against it! If someone wants to do that... but don't be disapointed if people don't react the way you want them too. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Simple as that.
  5. It may not happen as often as with women, but when a man makes a fool of himself, people notice and comment too:
  6. She doesn't seem happy to me, no.
  7. Her face is her trademark. And her tool. She cares what people think, she's using filters, edits her videos to death, hides her body and bottom, doesn't want close ups anymore... She's really, really insecure right now.
  8. Ooops, sorry about that Well, ok, it's an explicit anniversary sticker, but only for this single, right? It's not a big campaign.
  9. But then again... has anything really been promoted as "40 years/40th anniversary..."? I mean, there were no specific stickers or adverts anywhere. I fear this whole anniversary thing is mainly a fan fiction.
  10. There are fans (without "" "") that just don't like everything she does, how she looks or presents herself now. I guess a lot of us could show our faces and asses... My goodness, is that what counts?!
  11. Most of her bathroom videos are stupid and disturbing. Even if she was 30, people would talk about her strange behaviour. It's not just ageist comments...
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