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  1. Ooops, sorry about that Well, ok, it's an explicit anniversary sticker, but only for this single, right? It's not a big campaign.
  2. But then again... has anything really been promoted as "40 years/40th anniversary..."? I mean, there were no specific stickers or adverts anywhere. I fear this whole anniversary thing is mainly a fan fiction.
  3. There are fans (without "" "") that just don't like everything she does, how she looks or presents herself now. I guess a lot of us could show our faces and asses... My goodness, is that what counts?!
  4. Most of her bathroom videos are stupid and disturbing. Even if she was 30, people would talk about her strange behaviour. It's not just ageist comments...
  5. Mine arrived today (in Germany via jpc) and it's absolutely gorgeous. Not one beautiful scar!
  6. I know what you mean: after I'm Breathless and Like A Prayer it was a shock for me to hear her sing so nasally and weak. But I really loved (and still love) the musical production, which I think made up for it. But I was disappointed that no song produced by André Betts was released as a single (or ever sung live). Waiting should have been a single!
  7. They missed so many opportunities... I don't think they plan something special.
  8. For my part I'm terribly pessimistic: I think we will get the regular album with horrible equalizing and some of the already released remixes. No demos or unreleased stuff at all. And an uninteresting booklet with pictures in bad quality and with many errors (Produced by William Orbit etc.). Please M, prove me wrong!
  9. 1. Holiday 2. Over And Over 3. Live To Tell 4. Spanish Eyes 5. Vogue 6. Deeper And Deeper 7. Human Nature 8. Sky Fits Heaven 9. Paradise (Not For Me) 10. Easy Ride 11. Get Together 12. Give It 2 Me 13. Love Spent 14. Body Shop 15. Come Alive
  10. Hi gays, now that you are dancing... I'll do another Frozen remix anyway!
  11. Immaculate Collection... not just the front cover, but the back cover, the booklet... everything.
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