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  1. Wasn't there something discussed about making it the same moment of release worldwide? Or am I thinking of something else?
  2. I love it (also always skip Cry Baby but do love the ending) - It's the muddy mastering that annoys me. Hopefully it gets a proper remaster so it doesn't sound like it's been ripped from an old cassette (which is how I originally listened to it anyway). If you can't wait until 2057 here's a fan remaster: [Hidden Content]
  3. "Unknown item in the bagging area. Please remove your baggage and continue." You don't speak for us all. It's not like Blue Jean is keeping previous unreleased Madonna songs in a vault. It's a fan poll. It is horrible that some people will try to erase a fan's work when they are trying to create a little buzz and excitement. It's discouraging to others and leaves a nasty feeling with the author. Results will be out when the tour opens: as previously stated. It's NOT the deception of the century.
  4. I've been a fan since The Immaculate Collection and just want to express myself for how much I love Vulgar. That is all. Love
  5. The UK has MDNA Nightlife Edition but it's not labeled as nightlife edition... https://open.spotify.com/album/2CnT9qxIcJHtvJNZXUMw1l?si=TzeU893LRaW2LolxE98M6Q&context=spotify%3Aalbum%3A2CnT9qxIcJHtvJNZXUMw1l
  6. He seemed to have a mental break after the cannibalism thing and, in a fever, his flashbacks turned into dreams of what if. When going into his "flashbacks" there's static/blurry/glitchy screen to suggest a break from reality?
  7. Chill Ranty McRanter. If they were remastering each track and recreating HD artwork then it would be unrealistic but they're upscaling internet pics and uploading old CDs (and some old MP3 downloads). It's a frustrating rollout with no clear strategy and I'll be happy when it's all done and finally rearranged in proper chronological order... If that ever happens 😂 I'm excited for Hollywood and it's remixes.
  8. Can't Stop Love Spent or Till Death Do Us Part?
  9. Ray Of Light (Single Remixes) contains everything from the commercially released singles. Entirely possible we'll eventually get Ray Of Light (Radio Edits)...
  10. Content aside, I thought the rollout of Madame X was amazing. Only missing a video for Faz Gostoso and the remixes for God Control but that's me being greedy...
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