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  1. Content aside, I thought the rollout of Madame X was amazing. Only missing a video for Faz Gostoso and the remixes for God Control but that's me being greedy...
  2. I love Madame X but wish some/most tracks didn't have autotune. Not a fan of autotune usually but it can be successfully applied (eg for Rebel Heart's Ghosttown where it became part of the song). It really takes me out of most of the MX tracks, especially Batuka. It is jarring, adds nothing, and feels lazy beside the stunning backing singers. Also Killers Who Are Partying makes me cringe but Dark Ballet is perfection (and I'm so happy we got visuals for it).
  3. I grew up with Into The Groove being on all my copies of the album. Found out the rest were all produced by Nile Rogers when the 2001 remaster was released. Now Into The Groove sounds out of place. Still, I'm hoping all the tracks will be in a future deluxe edition...
  4. That would be an amazing package! I'll be dreaming of a Knuckles Fever mix now...
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