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  1. So sensitive lmao, bitches is just what people say in here sometimes. Madonna herself often refers to her fans as bitches in a harmless way. Anyway I am not gonna respond again because you seem a bit pressed or just misread the meaning of comments and who I was referring to as bitches.
  2. Its unfair to expect Madonna to move the way she used to onstage, personally I would not mind if she cut out a lot of dancing altogether and reinvented her method of performance. All that dancing has a negative impact on her vocals.
  3. Making a harmless joke about the fact that she is always late coming onstage is hate/trolling in your mind?
  4. Just remember bitches, if you don't wanna miss the opening number for these concerts you will need to leave your houses two hours late.
  5. I could care less how many tickets she sells, none of that has any influence on me enjoying the concert or not. What people really need to be talking about is if her body will actually be able to handle a full scale tour. Another thing is that she needs to actually bring in people who play live music, I went to a madame x show and the overuse of lip syncing to backing tracks was ridiculous. I get that she is a performance artist and I understand this type of stuff at certain times but not when it exists for nearly 100% of the show and is blatantly obvious to everyone in the audience.
  6. Madonna will never retire from touring and performing as long as she is physically able. Advertising it as a greatest hits affair is perfectly fine, nobody wants to see Madonna pulling a Cher and embarking on multitudes of fake farewell tours.
  7. You are spot on, its baffling to me how badly mismanaged Madonna's legacy has been handled. For an artist of her stature and longevity these kind of releases should be a no brainer.
  8. What I would give for something like that. Virgin Tour was my first time seeing Madonna in concert.
  9. They do? thank you for informing all of us because I just saw a picture🙄
  10. Surprising you did not mention the 2021 VMA look as a potential funko candidate. Everyone knows she has been serving us some **** interesting looks recently.
  11. Don't start putting ideas in her head. You would not want to be responsible for the mental breakdown of half the forum would you?
  12. As @SweetMadonna says, those are truly fantastic phots of her. I really love it a lot.
  13. Are we seriously questioning if a halftime show was playback? it should be very obvious.
  14. Candace Owens is a fraud, a fake intellectual who panders to the far right and yet claims to be a voice of reason and moderation. People like that are why ageism is still so prevalent in society.
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