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  1. I know that, anything in particular? I can't imagine she would just randomly be deleting posts because its fun.
  2. Sounds like the tour is gonna be heavy on the greatest hits and cater to the GP, I always found it hilarious that so many concert goers would call themselves hardcore fans and then get pissed off she played too many cuts from her latest album. Personally, I would never need to hear the hits again but I understand this type of tour is a great way to restore her reputation.
  3. Madonna would be ok with a greatest hits tour as long as it included no greatest hits.
  4. Tragic news about Lisa Marie Presley, gone way too soon like her father and I fear in similar circumstances.

  5. Madonna fans freaking out about others being reductive and copying her is laughable to me, Madonna herself makes little effort to conceal the fact that she wears her influences on her sleeve such as David Bowie who basically invented the stage theatre she would make use of throughout her career or aping Marilyn Monroe to an almost nauseating level. Madonna's main legacy is as a popularizer of existing methods and ideas, she has stayed true to her artistic visions in a way I admire more than nearly anyone else but I wish fans would stop acting like she was an inventor. Madonna's career is legendary and speaks for itself so if Miley wants to pay tribute to a legend by blatantly copying her, its nothing Madonna has not done herself.
  6. That is a lie, Blackstar received a majority of very positive reviews even before Bowies death was announced, including one from Pitchfork which you can go read right now. No need to try and rewrite history in order to make your point.
  7. This is the same rolling stone magazine that ranked Fine Line by Harry Styles among the 500 greatest albums of all time and people wonder why they have zero credibility anymore.
  8. 2023 might be a bad year for you unfortunately.
  9. Cleary Santa Baby gave us a glimpse of Madonna's potential for Christmas material
  10. I don't really understand why it even matters if she is technically a good vocalist or not. Would Madonna's iconic songs somehow be better or more iconic if Whitney Houston or Lady Gaga was singing them instead? I don't care if Madonna is technically a good singer, what I do know is that I enjoy her music and the voice is all part of the appeal.
  11. What is your unhealthy obsession with Gaga? 2012 was a long time ago and just because people are saying things about Madonna you don't agree with does not mean that those individuals are Gaga stans out to destroy Madonna.
  12. If Madonna's legacy as a feminist icon is eroding by using photoshop it was not much of a legacy to begin with. If people wanna talk about the fact that there are ways she could go about marketing herself better, that is one thing but lets not blow things out of proportion. Once Madonna passes nobody is going to be sitting around talking about how photoshop destroyed her legacy
  13. I don't think that Madonna is paying much attention to what David Bowies estate is doing or would really be influenced even if she was. I agree with you that the set is beautiful and I am definitely getting one myself but I doubt we will see anything similar from Madonna.
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