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  1. Something has to be at a certain level before it can be labeled art, its not like we are debating the merits of a newly released studio album or anything. Its a remix with a mediocre video. Anyone can go around claiming everything they put out is art no matter how shitty so I think its important to have some standard. We can debate if Madame X and the videos that went along with it are good or bad art because it justifies that discussion, this video does not. Nobody, and I mean nobody with any sense at all would call this Hung Up video a piece of art even if you enjoyed it.
  2. I don't know any younger people who are impressed with Madonna's current musical direction. The truth is that Madonna was lucky that Frozen and Material Girl went viral because it had nothing to do with her and now she is remixing everything like the devil in the vain hopes of trying to get a hit, it wont happen, especially when you release videos as low quality as this one.
  3. Don't worry, it does not take creativity to be successful on Madonna's team. Compared to any of them you are practically another Einstein.
  4. This notion that a large portion of her fanbase here just hates on whatever she does is frankly braindead. I recall plenty of positivity for FEL, her cover of Your Song and the Pride Performance. She released a video for the remix and a lot of us don't like it. Simple as that. The comparisons to Erotica are so stupid they literally made my head hurt and I had to stop reading this thread for awhile. Everyone here can like and dislike what they want but the personal attacks and attaching rude labels onto people who have a different opinion is not excusable.
  5. So people like you are allowed to voice how much they love something and defend it to high heaven and back but anyone who thinks differently should be either silenced or stop following an artist they have supported for fucking forever? Not only are double standards revolting but Madonna is pushing nobody's buttons, its called fans being mostly unimpressed with the results and voicing their opinions in a thread dedicated to the subject. I was a diehard Madonna fan way back when SEX was released and saw her perform Like A Virgin on MTV, you expect this video to push my buttons as if she is making some kind of statement, stop attaching merit to things that don't deserve it because its insulting to the intelligence of anyone with an IQ above a bug.
  6. I just wanna say that I love this community, never laughed so hard in my life as when going through this thread. At the end of the day we are all Madonna fans, those of us who don't like something she puts out do not aggressively name call those who do and I am personally disgusted by those who think its ok to name call other users offensive stuff like sexist or ageist just because we don't like something she does. What gives anyone the right to think that they can talk to me like that just because they are hiding behind a screen?
  7. Shhhhhh we are supposed to believe this remix is a masterpiece remember.
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