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  1. The only issue is the title. Remix Revolution is so bland and does not sound original or creative in the slightest.
  2. Express Yourself is easily a top ten Madonna song of all time for me, the album version is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the Immaculate version with the micro drum energy.
  3. 2011 until 2013 was easily the most gorgeous she had looked since Confessions, This is one of my all time favorite Madonna looks ever. Ahhhh the glory days before the grillz had made their cursed appearance.
  4. My favorite 80's Madonna album. Will definitely be voting on this one.
  5. And which of those these two tracks changed the trajectory of Madonna's career? Live To Tell is a far more important song in the long run. OYH is basically a fun and upbeat song, great and all but nothing unique compared to about 200 other songs Madonna has recorded. Live To Tell was her first true masterpiece, it was the song that made her be noticed by critics and showed she had some songwriting chops. That fade out which kicks back into her vocals again gives me chills every time I hear it, find me another Madonna ballad that sounds anything like LTT. I can find you plenty of tracks that are very similar to OYH. The actual proper rating of the top two tracks in my opinion is Live To Tell and Papa Dont Preach, both of which show her real growth as a songwriter.
  6. She does not look enough like Madonna, I hope that rumor is not true.
  7. I still cant wrap my head around the fact that Open Your Heart came in ahead of Live To Tell, inexcusable in my opinion. Definitely having some worries for the LAP voting now.
  8. The ones who voted Open Your Heart over Live To Tell must be arrested and sentenced to firing squad for such transgressions. This was awesome, thank you Curtains.
  9. Your going down today, Live To Tell will win and I will sell my soul to Satan for his blessing.
  11. Papa Dont Preach (although Live To Tell should be number 1) Live To Tell Open Your Heart
  12. What the fuck are people in this forum smoking? causing a Commotion is top 5 for sure. Ranking the title track over CAC is literally a sin.
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