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  1. Thats precisely what worries me about this biopic, Madonna is going to have control over everything and its very rare to find a person who can view their lives without being jaded. Whoever she finds is going to be creatively stifled and micromanaged which will ruin a shot at making a character her own. Did you see how utterly insufferable Madonna is to work with based on that livestream with her co-writer on the script. From what I have seen, the script appears to be a bunch of drivel about her being a survivor beat down by the evil world for disturbing the peace. Madame X is alive and well it appears.
  2. Because Madonna never did this kind of stuff in her glory days when she was topping the charts every year. Her liking the artists she chooses to work with is totally irrelevant when talking about her reasoning behind doing it. 4 Minutes would not have been as big a hit without Timberlake. Dont try and fool yourself that the reason Madonna has been doing collaborations ever since she started losing relevance in the charts is because she just loves all those artists and is desperate to work with them.
  3. The fact that Frozen and Hung Up did not reach number 1 in the US when they were worldwide hits all over the place is so irritating. Fuck America and its radio boycotting.
  4. Nothing from Ray of Light even hit number 1 in the US. It seems her popularity had been declining even as early as Erotica over there. So it makes sense Warner would go hard on the European market.
  5. I am very concerned about the biopic and have been for a long time. If it ends up being as big of a deal for Madonna's legacy as you say and ends up flopping critically and commercially, that would be a huge nail in her coffin of regaining relevance.
  6. Madonna had lost a bunch of her popularity in the states since as far back as American Life. In order for the hits to keep coming, she needed to stay relevant in Europe. Thats the reason Warner focused so hard on that particular market. Switching to Interscope was not the only reason for her decline in relevance, the more streaming started dominating how people listened to music, Madonna's dominance in physical sales became less important because young people were not listening to her music many older fans did not adapt. I feel like the decline was a sure thing but Warner would have delayed it more and it would have happened more gradually.
  7. She still would have released the abomination that was MDNA, its just the monstrosity would have been promoted better.
  8. Like I said, Interscope was a disaster in terms of promoting her new music as it was basically a touring contract. I wonder it might be too late to make a recovery now. But I also wonder how much longer she would have been able to keep up chart success even if she stayed with Warner although im certainly not saying it would have been impossible and at the very least we would not have seen such a sharp and sudden fall. MDNA was the start of the end of Madonna's relevance, this happened because of a combination of incompetence from her new label and how mediocre the singles themselves were, she was bored and uninspired, which reflected in how bad the album was overall. Since then, it has been an uphill battle for Madonna no matter how good the tracks she releases are.
  9. The Interscope years were very rough from a promotional standpoint, I have doubts that she would still be relevant even if she had stayed with Warner though. Pop music is a young persons world, its amazing that she managed to stay as relevant as she was for so long. One reason that Madonna has so many haters is because she refuses to accept becoming a legacy act and just do greatest hits tours to make loads of money. In that sense she reminds me of other creative artists like David Bowie or Prince and I admire her for not conforming to the rules.
  10. Like A Virgin is not a very good album although still better than Hard Candy or MDNA and atleast we got a fire tour out of it.
  11. The people in here pretending this remaster is actually good must be Madonna's many fake accounts.
  12. I would never feel right rating tracks like that low even if for a strategic reason. You made the right call.
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