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  1. Voted! Very hard to rate this absolute stinker of an album but I pressed on!
  2. Yes and maybe Mykki Bianco too who she was recently seen with.
  3. She always seems happy to be in a recording studio, I don’t think she’s done yet. I’d hate for her to end things on an album like MX. I also don’t think she will ever do an album addressing ageing, she can’t stand to be seen without filters that knock 40 years off her age so I doubt she’ll address getting old any time soon. Musically I just hope she channels the old Madonna who used to be able to put out an album of fun catchy tunes like it was second nature.
  4. Dave Chapelle has had a problem with white lgbtq people for years. I’m sure he’d have something to say if the ‘jokes’ were about black people. In fact….. “He went away 20 years ago because he decided that the wrong people are laughing at his Black jokes for the wrong reason. Yeah, and I’m thinking Dave, maybe the wrong people are laughing at your trans jokes for the wrong reason right now, maybe you need to think about that.” The amount of transphobes on twitter alone using Chappelle to justify their vile comments towards trans people is sickening. It’s not ‘woke’ to be upset at being turned into a fucking joke. “I don’t want “a woman with a dick” using the urinal next to me” - Chapelle Replace ‘woman with a dick’ with n***** and tell me it’s a harmless joke.
  5. Ricardo needs a slap, he is the one turning her into a laughing stock. The second pic looks like ….
  6. I’m glad someone else said it, I thought it was just me! I can’t tell when one song ends and the next one starts. My iPad is running out of charge, I don’t know whether to plug the cord in or strangle myself with it, this is a looooong two hours!
  7. That’s Honey yes but I’m not sure where it was. Easter bunny
  8. I was a fan then (fan since True Blue) but I had zero interest in Evita. I found that whole period a slog. The mellow Bedtime stories, Something to Remember, Evita. Ray of Light was a breath of fresh air when it arrived!
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