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  1. Yea I’ll be gobsmacked if this show is anything other than a Greatest Hits show. Even the imagery screams nostalgia. “Four decades of mega hits”, and “greatest motherfucking hits” sounds like greatest hits to me - hence the high ticket sales.
  2. MX is probably the album I dislike the most with Hard Candy and MDNA very close behind. Rebel Heart album as released is a mess but I think there’s enough ok tracks (inc demos) to create a good shorter album.
  3. I was at the July 22 Blond Ambition show (I’m on the left), the one where they used the black and white clip in Truth or Dare. The place was electric with excitement because of the broadcast the night before!
  4. Who said I was insulting Madonna? I loved Pete Burns, i said she looks like him and if you think it’s an insult to look like Pete Burns then that’s on you. Edit: As for being crass, I remember you now from Tribe, how is your hateful Gaga obsession these days?
  5. Steven Meisel for me, he captured her as a goddess like no-one else!
  6. The syringes look like those in teeth whitening kits. I’m sure she keeps her heroin under the bed
  7. I love the BAT version most and S&S was a nice update. One of the wonderful infinity members recreated the BAT version so I listen to that mostly.
  8. Yes it sounds a lot like First Love but with M’s vocals?
  9. Indeed, the reviews at the Chicago theatre alone can give an idea of how people feel about her ‘fuck you’ attitude these days. https://www.chicago-theater.com/theaters/chicago-theater/madonna-customer-reviews.php?r=a&page=all
  10. A CD sounds horrible unless you play it through a decent system. A vinyl looks more impressive with its large artwork.
  11. I’d hate for her to end on a tour & album like Madame X, both of which were subpar imo so I hope there will be another show.
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