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  1. Anyway. I hope next thing M releases is a solo a not a duet, cause it isn´t usually her best when she does duets, it only worked commercially with Babyface, Justin and now with Weekend, the best of all, otherwise I prefer she does something amazing on her own, with an amazing producer.
  2. Compare her work with Ricardo with the ROL portfolio, I expect from M that level of excelence, no less, that´s what I expect from her. I know she is so much able of better thing than those last years photo sessions. But I think she is getting better, I don´t want to be negative.
  3. Yes i mean sometimes we as fans are súper excites then its just a work in progres half cooked, interestung maybe at first time but then nothing you wanna hear again and again. So she tends to get released what its really amazing .
  4. This is one of her hidden songs i Desiré to listen the most.
  5. For me the worst was the Marilyn one, uff that I disliked a lot such an ugly thing..
  6. I think the spirit of Madame x, being artistical and don´t give a damn it´s the good road. The problem for me is : I don´t the madame x era, don´t like her look, the pictures, her singing, the songs..but for example, when she went experimental with Paradise or Mer Girl, I loved it. So, the idea is good, the direction was good, but the result, for me, not so good. But it´s really a taste matter. Other people here love it. So, for me the thing is that she needs to do something beautiful and for me that´s good be enough good. At this stage I don´t care for hitting number one, she is for sure one of the most comercially succesful artists ever. And nothing can change that.
  7. I so remeber her because of the fairy tales theatre, she was a very important part of my childhood.
  8. This album was really something different, so it divides us a lot. I hope for the next album she goes more like the weekend last song with her , song, voice and video than Madame x, but well see.
  9. Its amazing how she has improved her looks in just months, amazing!!
  10. I adore her voice, she is a performer and for sure she would change her vocal style depending on the message or the character she is playing on a song. Her voice on True blue is deeper on some tracks, but she changed a lot with LAP. On Vogue again another sound, another sound for TBA tour, then she was more refined for Erotica and BS and voila, voice coaching and she sung full throat and amazing since You´ll see till Hard Candy. Then she tried again the child voice on some songs, and it´s like she is not so fuller singing, but Ghostown, even live was very good so you never know. I prefer her singing a thousand times to Mariah or other VH1 screaming divas.
  11. yeah maybe that was better, but i prefer the other one.
  12. i was speaking about radio banning years later.
  13. Candy shop, only for the opening number of Sticky tour, she was so full of power and commanding. And what a hit it was, for her at 50. Body shop is ok, but there it something about her vocals that sometimes make me nervous,,,
  14. So it was because of her age, or because the american life controversy? What do you think?
  15. I adore dejar jessie too. Its more artístic maybe than true blue but true blue its 80s pop perfection.
  16. I always loved the whole mdna era, to me that was maybe the last time she was madonna 100 xr cent dancing amazingly at that age wow. And i liked the album a lot at its time. It was a good success and the era too. And she looked amazing.
  17. True, and its super amazing if you knew the erotic backlash a few years before.
  18. She was in a very reborn state of mind. And really Rol Was so huge. I dont know if younger people understand what this álbum was at its time.
  19. I dont know: at that time she was like very distant from her pre bedtime stories persona. She kust returned to Vogue or other hits after American LIfe flopping big time.
  20. At that moment i bécame a huge fan.
  21. I think the Madonna of 2020s Connects better with her erotica or Vogue days than with her Esther days,, just a thought.
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