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  1. Amazing she can still look like this after 2 or 3 years of terrible looking. I never thought we would see her like this again, and I don´t mind cause she was older, but super strange and artificial. and now she is the hot superstar of always.
  2. WOW IT´S like the Madonna of 2004 reinvention, she is amazing again!! The hair, the legs..
  3. She must be pretty busy. I think in her case, it seems her insta is managed really by the lady herself.
  4. I really think she has everything done but the nose. On the other hand, it´s true she sometimes sounds nasal but I think that´s been happening since many years ago.
  5. Yes!! But I really love Hard Candy too, all the eras meant something on her journey. The era I really like the less was that last one, but here she is shining again: great voice and looks, and being the star!!
  6. The other I went to have my haircut and when I was there, it was streamed Liquid love demo remixed, I almost fell of my chair. I mean, is this an official release? I think it was not!! Can you tell more on this subject? Cause I´m still wondering how it happens that this demo has casual airplay and remixed. And I must say it sounded amazing, her voice was so good when she recorded it.
  7. I love that picture I saw on facebook and I´d like to share with you! She looks fab.
  8. On Mother and Father, I was shocked that she could still sing it in its original key, which was very high even 20 years ago. And she managed to reply that voice, which for sure has a lot of vocal treatment in order to sound childlike. Yes on some live performances she missed some notes, but overall, I think she did amazingly good, and more if you think she is 65!! Same thing for Crazy for you. I´m happy about her vocal performance so far on this tour. And Im very into vocal music you know? I pay a lot of atention to it, and I think she is doing good, and she sounds live, cause for example in Madame x to me she sounded too much robotic for my taste.
  9. While Celine is more powerful and sure singing live, give me Madonna´s voice over Celine any day, I don´t dislike Celine at all. As for Mariah and Whitney, the same, and they screamed too much for me taste. I think Madonna has been underated as a vocalist all her carreer, even by her.
  10. I think the singing has been very important in her carreer, and her voice is very very iconic and recognizable so for me the singing is important, but I think she is singing quite nice on this tour.
  11. I think the facial surgeries and grillls also have affected her singing ability.
  12. To some people she sounded frai on this particular song, on this tour, ergo my post. But if you read my message well, I loved that one. But yes, she didn´t sounded strong.
  13. I think the problem with crazy for you is that is the original key and it´s too high for her at 65, but she also acting it and singing it from her fragility, so for me it´s a shining moment too. Her voice has deepened a bit, as it expectable, but it´s still beautiful and very clear. Another gold moment is that transition to Bad Girl, when the acoustic sound of the piano starts and she walks so classy and confident but also raw and almost naked. It´s genious, and she sounds amazing, and I rediscovered that ballad again. For me, the message it´s Ok, I´m not so young anymore, my voice might be deeper, i can´t dance like before, don´t have the top physical shape of 1993, but so what. It´s my legacy, It´s still me, we are alive and we are celebrating, and here I am still doing amazingly well despite the high and lows. And I celebrate her with deep emotion.
  14. It would be amazing a horror film mixed with funny and sexy moments, maybe showing her breasts and everything it would be amazing, and pushing the boundaries once again.
  15. Also I think she was starting new relationships and probably thinking about having another baby.
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