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  1. Celebration: Finally Enough Love Tour. Would promote both compilations, as in originals and remixes. It's a long title but I think it could work.
  2. Autotune Baby can stay locked away, but Super Pop should see the light of streaming sites. And it's a crime that she never properly released Broken as a single with heavy promotion.
  3. When I saw her at the MDNA tour she came on an hour after the opening act had left....in Miami she was hours late, same with dates on the MXT. And you still wanna say you don't understand it when people complain about her being late. Like really?
  4. She has nothing to prove and yet it seems like her popularity is at an all-time low. I'm not even sure that you can say she is polarising, these days it rather feels like the reception to her is mostly negative.
  5. Like I posted earlier I think it's rather an accumulation of things that has many fans worried. I mean what's up with her lateness at her shows? Was she always like this? Because from what I've been observing she started to get annoyingly late for her concerts at around the S&S tour and ever since it seems to have gotten worse with every new tour. In that regard she has sort of turned into Marilyn Monroe, who was increasingly late for her scenes over the course of her career. I would die for someone who worked on the last tours to spill the beans and explain what leads to her starting hours (!) late. Add all those factors, the new music not resonating with big audiences anymore, her serious problem to start her performances on time, her seeming unfocused, weird and kinda directionless these days, the bad plastic surgery and social media behaviour and you have, over the course of at least the past 10 years a perfect storm of legacy destruction.
  6. You seriously think she is immune to being messy, tacky and embarrassing?
  7. Well she set the bar extremely high thoughout her career and she isn't just any random pop starlet, she's Madonna. She always had this strong focus. Her name used to carry some serious weight and she always had an exceptional aura around her due to being so successful, creative, in control, smart and driven. Social media already kinda ruined that and I guess it's just really irritating to see her acting and looking like she has absolutely no idea what she is doing and where she wants to go. If it were an isolated slip-up then ok fine. But it's more than that. Her social media presentation, Eurovision, the Madame X tour with all the cancelled dates, that hideous and unnecessary fake ass, VMA 2021 appearance (not so much the outfit but rather how it highlighted her plastic surgery, she looked so uncomfortable), this new remix video where her beautiful eyes don't pop, they don't draw you in like they used to...rather it's like "where's my joint again?"
  8. You're missing a part of the broader picture. Yes she got a lot of flack for Erotica and everything around it but she very intentionally softened her image after the reactions with the sensual but not crazily dirty sexy Bedtime Stories and even more of course with Something To Remember and Evita. Had she continued the Erotica trend then I'm very sure she would have made less of an impact in the rest of the 90s. While Erotica got more praise later on the reason for that isn't just initial overreaction from people but also because she toned it down and showed another side that was a bit closer to what Whitney and Mariah were doing.
  9. The queen of pop has become super weird and irrelevant. The king of pop is dead. The princess of pop was abused for over a decade, had her personal and artistic growth stunted and is trying to find her place in this world. No wonder modern pop music just doesn't hold up.
  10. The remix isn't really the problem, I personally actually like it, which is why the video is so disappointing. It's how she presents herself visually. Sorry but she doesn't look sexy, young, fun or whatever to me. As I posted a few pages back she looks stoned, her eyes have no clear focus, she seems more like that weird lady from the block down the road who accidentally took magic mushrooms and is now crashing the party the young folks are having thinking she's so cool and edgy and only that she really isn't. She sticks out like a sore thumb in her own video.
  11. They absolutely don't and you know it, how can you lie to yourself like this? The bathtub 'the great equalizer' clip and Eurovision alone have been enough to seriously put massive cracks into her image and legacy. You're forgetting that people who are not her fans don't get regular exposure to her, those antics and messy performances are pretty much the only signs of life they notice from her while occasionally hearing her OLDER songs on the radio.
  12. How is Mick Jagger showing off his body? I saw the Stones in concert two months ago and I can tell you Mick didn't flaunt it but he was as energetic as ever and gave an amazing performance just like Madonna did when I saw her in the same stadium ten years ago (which is why her performance at Maluma's concert earlier this year had me baffled in how bad it was, like is this even the same person??). Does he have a ridiculous fake ass that makes him look disfigured and like a midget? Do you see him constantly grinding on people who are a third of his age and looking drugged up? Was Elvis happy and a free spirit later in his life, did he get to perform outside of North America like he always wanted to? She's not pushing the envelope whatsoever with this, please stop with the excuses.
  13. I get that the remix lyrics already have references to drugs and she even sings 'I'm so high'....but what I really don't like about the video and what I think is irritating a lot of people even here is that she looks too high throughout the video. You can't really see her eyes. Her eyes are visually one of her strongest assests and she usually knows how to use them when she does a video. She always knew how to give you a certain look in a clip, super strong focus. That's completely absent here and that's what makes it seem so messy and unfocused. There always seems to be a veil over her eyes, making her seem very distant.
  14. I'm not even denying that there was vocal tinkering going on, but with both of them and it's not like they sound awful. Singling only her out and then claiming she always sounds like trash and can't sing is rubbish.
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