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  1. That album was simply and unfortunately a wasted opportunity. Very good songs drowned in a sea of fillers. No doubt about the attribution of lower rankings...
  2. 1. Burning Up 2. Over And Over 3. Live to tell 4. The look of love 5. Express Yourself 6. Back in business 7. Justify my love 8. Bad girl 9. Love tried to welcome me 10. I'll Remember 11. Rainbow high 12. Frozen 13. Paradise not for me 14. Nothing fails 15. How High 16. Miles away 17. Celebration 18. I Fucked Up 19. Ghosttown 20. God control
  3. What I like the most about this song is the Madonna's vocal rendition as in other songs from IB (Back in business, More, ecc.). Possibly some of the best vocals of her career (pre and post Evita training). Regarding HP remixes, the best one is the Bare bones single mix.
  4. As far as I remember, straight fans massively reappeared in the ROL-Music and COADF eras...
  5. 1º) What was your first contact with madonna's music? Mine was Like a virgin, Material girl and Into the groove in 1985. Sincerely speaking, in that period I didn' t like her. Before 1985, I didn't know her existence. In Italy Madonna became very famous thanks to Into the groove. I remember many of my classmates totally crazy for Desperately Seeking Susan. 2º) When did you start loving Madonna's music without being a fan? I started loving Madonna only when "Live to tell" was released. That change in music and look impressed me a lot. 3º) What song / remix / video-clip made you a Madonna's fan? I became a ("pathologic") fan only when the video of "Open your heart" came out. After that I started to love all her music, rediscovering also her first album and appreciating previous singles as Burning up , Borderline, Lucky star and Gambler. Probably the first remixes that I bought were Open your heart, Gambler and Burning up (still my favourites).
  6. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CfkxeOlDHE5/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  7. I agree that Everybody is fantastic in the YCD remixes version (I never liked the original version) . I understood that you was referring to the "remastering". The brilliance of Everybody in FEL derives more from the work done for the 1987 remix, rather from the present "remastering"...
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