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  1. It is definitely one of my favourite albums of her first career decade. It was a very big surprise for me at the first listen. I love each song apart "Vogue"...because it is simply out of context (it is more a non-album track and it has been unnaturally included in the record probably just to drive its sales). The record clearly testifies to her ability to improve her vocals and explore a different music genre, more adult-oriented. IB is a concept album, not a soundtrack (see similar examples as "A kind of magic" of Queen that includes also songs inspired by the movie Highlander). Top songs: Back in business, Hanky Panky, Something to remember and More...
  2. True blue Madonna Bedtime stories Something to remember Rebel heart (black and white cover)
  3. Oh Father Promise to try In this life Paradise Live to tell This used to be...
  4. Not in particular order: Oh Father Bedtime story Open your heart Bad girl Ghosttown Papa don't preach Express yourself Rain Frozen I want you
  5. Not in particular order... Liquid Love Like a flower Triggering Animal Across The Sky Revenge Revolution Tragic girl Little girl Take me (I want you)
  6. Not in particular order Borderline Burning up Gambler Live to tell Open Your Heart Where's The Party [YCD Remix edit] The look of love Express Yourself [Remix/Edit] Oh father Till death do us part Bad girl Rain Waiting You'll see To have and not to hold Paradise not for me Nothing fails How high I Fucked Up Ghosttown
  7. Not in particular order.... Bitch, I'm Madonna Bitch, I'm Loca Superstar Best Friend Champagne rosé GMAYL Unapologetic bitch Spanish lessons Love makes the world go round Medellin
  8. I remember that in Italy critics started to consider her as serious recording artist in the 90's ("I'm Breathless", Bedtime Stories, Something to remember...with the obvious exception of Erotica, even if the Girlie Show was the first tour to receive truly positive reviews but unfortunately it did not reach the country )...
  9. I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world...Terrible! I still don't understand this awful practice of retouching old photos of Madonna, turning her into someone else...
  10. My suggestion the Girlie Show: it is a great example of Madonna's skills as live performer. If you prefer introduce them to a Madonna's live with the BA, choose the Yokohama or one of the leaked USA shows...her voice in the Nice/Barcelona shows is terrible.
  11. First contact: 1985 with Like a virgin, Material girl and Into the groove. Live to tell, 1986: 'Wow, beautiful and interesting song!' Open your heart, 1986: 'Oh, shit! I' m a big fan...'
  12. The epic live version of Holiday during the WTG tour 1987...From "Ciao Italia", live from Italy (Turin and Florence)
  13. First TV appearances of Madonna on Italian TV: 1983 Everybody and Holiday Possibly related to the promotion of the Italian double single Holiday/Everybody
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