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  1. L-U-V

    I'm Breathless is not a studio album. Madonna doesn't recognise it as a studio album either.
  2. This has nothing to do with Madonna
  3. Yeah true. I meant, I wish she also got that line cause it's the best bit of the song
  4. Forgive me for I have sinned. After streaming Medellín like 50 times, I now like the song a lot. It is completely different from what I expected. I still wish the "SI TE ENAMOROOOO" bit appeared earlier in the song too and that Madonna also sang that line instead of only repeating it.
  5. Two years of recording and this is how she chooses to present herself? Wtf I was expecting a huge hit... this one doesn't even have a refrain. Oh well, there will be another one soon I guess. I hope she hasn't fucked the entire promotion by choosing a terrible first single.
  6. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I'm so glad someone is helping her with Instagram now
  7. L-U-V

    Apparently premium accounts count "more"
  8. L-U-V

    I really don't like the WTG tour either. Both the virgin and the Blond Ambition were much better
  9. There is a 0% chance this is a ballad 😂
  10. L-U-V

    1. Like a prayer 2. Frozen 3. Hung up 4. Erotica 5. Live to tell 6. Music 7. American Life 8. Living for love 9. Secret 10. Like a virgin 11. Everybody 12. 4 minutes 13. Give me all your luvin'
  11. I was just looking at the list of the best selling recording artists of all time on Wikipedia and have just noticed that Rihanna is REALLY CLOSE behind Madonna now. Considering how Rihanna has a much better chance at getting more hits in the coming years than Madonna, is Madonna's record as most successful female recording artist of all time about to be broken by Rihanna? 😱
  12. L-U-V

    The tours were stunning. MDNA tour was spectacular, RHT was Madonna at her most playful and funny. I think her laziness and lack of creativity on MDNA and her ridiculous selfies and Instagram posts kind of killed her career. Younger people are not interested in her music cause she turned herself into a joke. No one really gets excited about a Madonna album anymore apart from the fans because the expectations are low. Rebel heart was a big step in the right direction lyrically and artistically. Hopefully Madame X will be a return to form.