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  1. L-U-V

    I hear "raise your spirit, it can heal it"
  2. L-U-V

    Well that's not a new verse, you can hear it in the album version towards the end
  3. There is nothing to "argue" about, it's not considered a studio album by neither Madonna nor her label
  4. Hard disagree with most of what you said...
  5. She definetely does NOT consider it a studio album, and she shouldn't cause it's not. It is NEVER mentioned when the her albums are discussed. Any merchandise featuring her studio album ignores I'm Breathless completely. Madame X is her 14th studio album.
  6. L-U-V

    My eyes are bleeding y'all. SHTAP.
  7. is this for every album???
  8. For most of her career, some songs weren't chosen as singles because she was saturating the market (they had to choose between a single for the previous album or a new single). What I mean is, between 1984 and 1987 she wouldn't have had time to release one more single, she kept them dropping regularly. Same goes for 1992-2001. I'm just gonna add: Erotica: - replace Bye bye baby with Waiting o Words Music: - Music - Don't tell me - Amazing - impressive instant - what it feels like for a girl Hard Candy: - 4 minutes - Give it 2 me - Miles away - Beat goes on MDNA: - Masterpiece (early single to promote W./E. in 2011) - Girl gone wild - Beautiful killer - I'm addicted - Gang bang Rebel Heart: - Borrowed time (summer 2014 single) - Living for love - Ghosttown - Bitch I'm Madonna - Hold tight I wish she has made music videos for Angel, Dear Jessie, Rescue Me, Waiting, Revolver and Nothing fails (as well as all the songs I mentioned above). Rescue me and Revolver could have been hits would some promotion
  9. L-U-V

    She only has one bad album and that's MDNA
  10. L-U-V

    She doesn't care
  11. L-U-V

    What is going on?
  12. After a few months I love it even more! I love how she has finally give up on trying to be popular and trying to chart. Madame X is her being finally free of other's expectations and following her inspiration, making the music she wants. Most songs are very experimental, some don't even have a refrain or a structure, and we know how good she is at crafting perfect structured pop gems. She doesn't care about that anymore and it's okay. She starts the album with Medellín, where she says "I took a pill, it set me free" "another me could now begin", which is a pretty obvious reference to the state of career. Dark Ballet and God control don't have a traditional song structure or refrain, but they are still enjoyable. It took me a while to appreciate GC, cause I wasn't on the same page as her, I was constantly thinking of how huge the song could have been with a refrain and how popular it could have been. I have grown to like Future too, even though I would like more Madonna lines. Now, this is where the heart of the album really begins. Batuka, Killers who are partying, Crave, Crazy, Come alive, Extreme Occident are the best and most original tracks on the album. Name ONE pop artist that would have the guts to release something like this. Bitch I'm loca is a lot of fun and I enjoy it, but it doesn't really fit in on the album. Same with FG. I don't search I find is another very experimental song, on the one hand it wants to be a dance it, on the other it doesn't have a normal structure. Looking for mercy I still don't really like very much, and I rise is the perfect ending for the album. Such a powerful song. I still wish she took the visuals one step further and released a visual project centred around the character of Madame X, where we get to see the other personas and hear the rest of her story. She kind of dropped the ball with this after the Medellín video. We have entered a new era of her career and I'm loving it. Give me artsy, original and experimental albums with a message any day instead of MDNA.
  13. @PWCCAyou may be happy to know that that guy has been banned lol