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  1. I didn't mean to insult anyone, it's just that OP started the topic saying "for those who don't know", indeed presenting it as fact. It's really easy to spread misinformation
  2. L-U-V

    the choir is 100% singing God control
  3. That's ok. Next time don't present it as a fact if you don't know
  4. Bride of amazement was for MDNA Skin. Mambo is definitely a nickname they gave her in Lisbon while she was producing Latin-inspired music. Quavo calls her Mambo at the beginning of Future. Magic... I don't know. It probably was the working title of the album until she invented Madame X, but we don't really know where it comes from...
  5. It's right there on Killers who are partying, just not as "heavy". It must come from a demo of the song
  6. You think or you know?
  7. I thought she said "now Funana". How is "hà" pronounced?
  8. L-U-V

    1. Ray Of Light 2. Erotica 3. American Life 4. Like A Prayer 5. Madame X 6. Madonna 7. Confessions On A Dance Floor 8. Music 9. True Blue 10. Hard Candy 11. Rebel Heart 12. Like A Virgin 13. Bedtime Stories 14. MDNA
  9. L-U-V

    She could maybe sing one song that doesn't require lots of rehearsals, like Crave (acoustic)
  10. L-U-V

    Yeah, but show =/= performance. I think it was confirmed somewhere that she is not going to perform. It will probably be something like the Audience with Madonna in London
  11. I know, right??? I have every album on cassette except for MDNA and Rebel Heart.
  12. L-U-V

    Don't think it's going to be a performance
  13. L-U-V

    Madonna: releases a song on her new album Fans: "it's not a Madonna song!"