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  1. He attacked me first, I responded. And you're clearly on his side. Ban me if you feel like doing, I don't care. After all, we're living in a cancel culture era, where you can't express freely.
  2. At this point I think youlike me. Het, don't waste your time: I'm not gay. Sorry. Next!
  3. You bore me. Your comment is as ugly as your face and is not worth answering. Take care
  4. You are right. I've always been a fan, I took everything she did, I "accepted" every record she put out... in the hope that a sound that I REALLY like might come in the future. Madonna has always embraced "black culture" (I hate how it sounds) since the begining of her career, I mean, her sound has always been black: she's done funk, post-disco, gospel, new jack swing, house.... even voguing is black. Black music form the core of her sound, let's not forget she grew up in Detroit and was deeply influenced by Motown. So, it's not only Bedtime stories, which I really love, but almost her entire catalogue. I celebrate the fact that she brought these sounds to a whole different audience that didn't know them, like me. And now she's into trap, it comes full circle.
  5. You know I'm talking about Leonard, Bray, Pettibone and even Price.
  6. I think the age issue is rubbish and old hat. She can do whatever comes out of her pussy, I don't care. Instead, I do care about her grumpy attitude, her robotic moves, her expressionless face, her restrained and emotionless speech... and so on. She's like a doll nowadays. I'm mostly concerned about the quality of the music she puts out. And, judging by this remix, I would say it's far from good. I'm already tired and fed up of waiting for a Madonna comeback year after year, you know, the good old pop and dance music we had come to love, but she's is stubbornly determined to not give us that. I gather my days as a fan are coming to an end...
  7. I don't really care if her features were erased in favour of a plump face. What worries me is that her moves have become robotic and clumsy and, like and automata, she's unable to communicate any single emotion with her face or body. When was the last time we saw her laugh? She used to laugh a lot and was such fun! What's become of her? Why does she look so angry and pissed off these last five years? I wonder if someone agrees with me here or it is just me, I don't know. Believe me, I'm not shading her, I'm just saying this in a state of sorrow. I want my Madonna back! A fembot took her place.
  8. I don't know what Discord is. Why is the forum closing?
  9. So, let me get this clear. The "new music" she was working on is this remix album? Or are they two different things? TY
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