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  1. One of the best songs in that era. Classy production.
  2. Love the song. But it's always been more of an ambient track for me.
  3. Of course she uses sex to sell. And she has always being honest about it.
  4. Less generic and more organic. No store bought tracks. Darker experimental sound is fine with me, but no autotune.
  5. Probably just a very short 2 songs appearance. Human Nature & Candy Shop.
  6. i think they are all ballads. Mid-tempo ballads.
  7. Why aren't any fans swamping her in the airport?
  8. Anyone familiar with seating config in Allphone arena? I'm watching her 1st show there & i'm in section 1, row B, seat 18. Just wondering if i'm able to see her or in ant size. I saw the seating of the arena above and i'm not sure if it's drawn to scale. I went to the Singapore show and it was horrendous. It was too far & the boombox speaker tower was blocking the whole "Heart" stage from where i was seating, which was diagonal to the heart.
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