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  1. This is why I use MusicBee. Apple, and iTunes, constantly interfere w your files' metadata, it's annoying af
  2. Coming from a pure fantasy standpoint that'll probably never happen....imagine if she sort of combined the sex book and Erotica reissue, using Sex photos for the booklet, including Erotic on the reissue (which thinking about it she probably will do)
  3. I wonder what the next project in this catalogue reissue project is gonna be, I feel like she won't go chronological and just go down the list of her albums, that'd be too boring...
  4. please post a download it won't let me buy the damn thing i'm losing my mind
  5. I think because it's a biopic though it could be different, she's always been amazing at playing herself, so maybe that translates to making a movie about herself too. As long as it isn't overly self-indulgent
  6. Oh my god, that's so interesting, I can't believe I've never noticed that. Actually adds a pretty cool dimension to the whole chorus.
  7. Though tbf, it's Madonna, and when she does something new, even if I'm doubtful, I'm more open minded about it cause she's...Madonna
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