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  1. Tune of the weekend on BBC Radio 1 !! its a start right ?🎵🎵🎵🎵😎
  2. I Can’t wait for the nostalgic max Martin track! 😉
  3. Love the vocal delivery very clear and crisp ! But song sounds like a lot of noise currently hopeful when all put together it will make a real tune ! fingers crossed 🤞
  4. Can’t wait for a solo Madonna track ! Bring it on M 🎵😎
  5. Face every hurdle and overcome it

  6. Hey guys such exciting times ahead for us all! I Just thoughts on the upcoming 3 singles? . Clearly it’s all strategic and placement marketing to maximise on ticket sales for this fantastic new tour .. As we know most long term fans have if they could afford it bought tickets now , so it’s the general public now they are aiming at with POPULAR more USA ticket sales and VULGAR USA & Europe If the Max Martin song is indeed 80,s inspired I believe personally it will be released once the tour has started to create more nostalgic buzz for M for the tour as it rolls across globe POPULAR = general public ticket sales USA VULGAR= general public USA & Europe & Sam fans & LGBTQ Plus M Fans Max Martin ( Nostalgia) = General Public & Fans = Nostalgic I feel VULGAR will perform better than POPULAR But NOSTALGIA will be the big hit ! What’s all your thoughts ? 🎵😎🎵
  7. Rebel heart all the way !! it’s perfect ! From marketing point of view Sometimes things align sometimes not imagine if the album had come out with movie and promo single and then the stadium tour And personally how amazing if the song Rebel heart (dance version ) has been the promo single for the movie ?
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