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  1. Let's not block up all these other threads, you can troll me as much as you like. I'll even set up our own comedy thread because I'm funny and you're a joke


    1. Manipulated Living

      Manipulated Living

      Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

    2. mikenmark


      I fart in your general direction!

  2. that is true but what makes you think you are on of the smart ones?
  3. The only clueless one in here is you. Camille Paglia is a genius that mediocre people mock because she is way above them. I did not say she had to be 40 to understand it. It's a novel for 18 year olds, she thinks she is very smart yet she is impressed by something like Memoirs of a Geisha, shows she isn't as smart as she thinks she is, her genius is definitely not intellectual, if she has it at all. Tom Of Finland and Mapplethorpe didn't originate anything. Words, Waiting and Secret Garden are awful and the reason why Erotica is her least popular album, even today. It hasn't grown in stature at all with the years and it's because of the non- single tracks. You are the one that lives under a rock. No headline ever called her a slut.
  4. I simply eliminated all non single tracks and made my own version of it and it is way better, I recommend you listen to it, I posted it at the beginning.
  5. The BAT setlist is unreal. They are such monumental historic hits it's hard to believe they were new songs at the time. The Girlie Show needed more. Her Erotica dance needed to be sexier, a lot of it needed to be sexier. Only Fever is pitch perfect, it's on par with BAT Express Yourself or Like A Prayer for me and yet it is totally forgotten.
  6. She needed to plat Live To Tell instead of In This Life, and maybe True Blue instead of LAV.
  7. she didn't believe in her own project, if she had she wouldn't have given a fuck about criticism, and the truth is that she was almost destroyed.
  8. no it wasn't, she was actually bigger in 1993 and for that you can use the crowd reactions when she went to places like Brazil and Argentina, literally paralyzed the countries like she had done with Who's that Girl in Europe and Italy.
  9. c'mon those songs are horrible!! why does everyone pretend they shouldn't have been on the cutting room floor? do you listen to all of it without skipping?
  10. true because they are way out of our grasp. Keep reading judith butler?
  11. Blond Ambition is of course flawless but she was even more famous in 93 than she was in 1990, why is almost everything from Erotica era completely forgotten??
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