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  1. Eternal2015

    I recently bought the UK edition for a steal. It cost me £20 plus £5 for postage! Found someone selling it on the Shpock app. Seriously the girl did not know what she was selling. The book is in mint condition complete with mylar bag (opened obviously), comic and Erotic CD still in it's sealed foil pouch. If you're in the UK or have similar sites/app then check it out.
  2. Eternal2015

    Love this! I've actually clicked onto the forum every other day just to check if it had been miraculously resurrected... and here it is!!
  3. Eternal2015

    If it's real... count me in
  4. Eternal2015

    Yes there are 3 versions. The 'Super Clean' Version removes the opening shot of the guy rubbing his rubber pants. It still contains some nudity though so it's not completely 'clean'.
  5. Eternal2015

    Thank you! Been looking for the Sorry video!