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  1. I mean, I'll probably end up downloading it myself, I quite like Steps (especially Lee, ha) but out of respect to HRH I will wait until the battle is over.
  2. Must admit, I know Steps are popular but they're hardly the zenith of music so I'm slightly scratching my head that they're beating Madonna.
  3. My UK store order is still unfulfilled as at today, Tuesday.
  4. I had an email originally saying there was a delay and it would be sent out on 20th May (by way of apology they offered me 10% off my next order). Then today another email copying/pasting the apology offer but saying it will be sent to me on 1st June now.
  5. Ok thanks, everyone. I must have seen the CD version on Discogs and mistaken it for vinyl.
  6. Am I going mad? I was sure that the vinyl version of Something to Remember was released (in some Latin territories) including Veras. I even thought I had seen it on Discogs once. But I can't find it anymore, only various CDs. I am desperate to get hold of it on vinyl if it exists. Can anyone confirm if it does exist or if I'm going slowly mental?
  7. Does anyone know what a slipmat is or what it might be in the context of FEL? It's the only vinyl version I was unable to find.
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