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  1. 1. The first time I remember hearing Madonna's music was around six years ago in a car when Material Girl was playing on the radio. I didn't think her vocals were that great. 2. Following the first time I heard Material Girl, I went about two to three years without hearing a song from her. Eventually, I started listening to older music more often on the radio. I eventually heard more songs by Madonna this way. Songs I've heard around this time included Like a Prayer and Vogue. I personally found these songs to be much better than Material Girl, and although I wasn't a fan at the time (since I only knew a handful of songs), I loved her music. 3. I was bored one night in 2020 when I decided to listen to more of Madonna's music because why not. This is when I first heard a large number of songs such as Hung Up for the first time. I remember enjoying Hung Up a lot. But what really made me become a fan was watching that interview with David Letterman in 1994. I first heard of the interview when I searched up "Madonna" on Wikipedia, and one of the suggestions on the dropdown menu was a very long title including "Madonna" in it. I clicked on the title, which led to the article describing the iconic interview. The article described how Madonna swore numerous times on a TV interview, which I found very funny. I eventually watched the interview itself, and I was laughing pretty hard by the end of it. I would say that I became a fan of Madonna after watching that interview, which still holds true today.
  2. No, I'm one of the big Madonna fans in the minority. I don't know any other users that are straight in this forum besides me. EDIT: I saw a reply earlier in the thread that talked about how Madonna's persona and constant sexual acts make straight people (specifically men) uncomfortable. As a man who is straight, I didn't find any of the previously mentioned as uncomfortable or disturbing. In fact, it made me love her even more as it became even more clear that she doesn't care about the unwritten (or even written) rules about what you supposedly can or cannot do.
  3. Is the new TV show going to involve Mae Mordabito (with her new Madame X eyepatch) showing up late to each game?
  4. At least this wasn’t widespread news like Britney Spears’ very unfortunate year. I think it’s because Madonna wasn’t one of those child prodigies that people obsess over. Usually people seem to be more interested in covering bad moments from former child prodigies for whatever reason. If someone like Britney (and I guess Justin Bieber) back in the day did that, the celebrity gossip media wouldn’t let those types of people hear the end of it.
  5. Well that certainly saves time since that song aged like milk
  6. Glad I’m not the only who thinks people who wear sunglasses inside are weird
  7. She must have some pretty clean shoes to be wearing them on her bed
  8. There it is. I was waiting for a response from her on the matter. The decision comes to show you that the Supreme Court doesn't actually care about making sense. They say that the right to abortion can be decided by the states, but say that certain gun laws cannot be left up to the states. It just shows that the judges will just do what they feel like doing whether it makes sense or not. I wouldn't be surprised if they overturn the decision on gay marriage either because one of the judges is already suggesting that the court should consider it.
  9. If one line was for NFT holders does that basically mean that half the audience is super rich
  10. I love how she rehearsed for an extended period of time for just a three-song, half-hour set. Much better product than the ill-prepared Maluma show. Looks like the perfectionist I know and love and I wish I was there.
  11. This performance can put all the "she's not good anymore", "she still hasn't covered from surgery", and "she's old" critics away
  12. Does a livestream of the performance exist?
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