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  1. Voted. Sadly most of my favourite songs from the Rebel Heart sessions aren't actually the officially released ones.
  2. Same for me. I like precisely one song from this morass of over-produced auto-tuned sludge.
  3. 1º) What was your first contact with madonna's music? Like a Virgin, on its initial release in 1984. It's hard to credit that people in the UK were mildly scandalised by such a song title 2º) When did you start loving Madonna's music without being a fan? I quite liked Like a Virgin and Material Girl but I absolutely loved Into the Groove. It's still my favourite Madonna song and one of the best singles of the 80s. 3º) What song / remix / video-clip made you a Madonna's fan? Express Yourself (Video-clip). Like a Prayer had quite a big impact upon me, both song and video. Following that up with Express Yourself sealed the deal for me
  4. I agree. It should be super funky - instead it's just tinny and almost entirely unmemorable.
  5. I can think of at least two better candidates for last place.
  6. I really liked the non-chronological track-listing for Celebration. When an artist has such a long pop career it's quite effective to mix up the old and the new so that no single era is favoured. Pet Shop Boys did something similar on PopArt and it was a refreshing change from the linear Old to New that is usual for a singles compilation. The mastering was sodding awful though.
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