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  1. Who is foolish enough? They think they're an official site? It's an effing fan site. Do their cash cows sign an NDA? 🤣
  2. If it's with Nicki Minaj I hope it comes with ear plugs.
  3. Good for you 👍 As I always say, someone's trash is always someone else's treasure. 🤣
  4. Not a fan of this shoot either. Doesn't feel like it offers anything new and I find the themes and costumes ridiculous. Too wax-worky if you can understand what I mean. Kind of like she's become a caricature of herself. If her face still moves, would be nice to see some actual expression. Even her eyes look vacant. It's like a mortician photographed her 🤪
  5. Yeah, but she had a huge hit with 4 Minutes and the recent successes of Confessions, Live 8 and an intact public image despite that ridiculous scandal.
  6. Madonna currently trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons again. I'd hold off on that tour announcement and do some damage control because aside from going viral with a song nobody really cares about, she's really at a low point in her career with no discernible hits for a very long time and a public image that does not resonate with the general public. She really has backed herself into a corner and it feels like the early 90s again.
  7. I was very disappointed with how the single was released. They didn't utilise any of the gorgeous images from the video on the front cover but instead recycled from Secret. The track listings were boring and could've done with some really great remixes by David Morales, Todd Terry and / or Frankie Knuckles who all were adept at transforming ballads into dancefloor smashes. Last, but not least, a previously unreleased track would've been a nice bonus too.
  8. Is this a chat bot or something? I'm genuinely curious.
  9. I just bought a CD today. I guess I baffle you then.
  10. No. Bring on Madonna with *any* actually competent musical director who can do justice to her back catalogue in a live environment. Not the cretins she's been employing since the Sticky and Shit. Or do you just want to waste your money on another shitty setlist, rehashes of the same trash and subpar reworkings and mashups?
  11. Thank you for telling them this.
  12. I would've preferred more songs from Madonna in this vein. There's a rawness to it that follows on from tracks like Burning Up, Gambler, Over and Over, Dress You Up, White Heat and much of the production on the Who's That Girl tour. Guitar driven definitely. Til Death Do Us Part is great lyrically, but I would've swapped out the production for something more along the lines of Just A Dream.
  13. Instead you're going to get Remixed And Revisited, but remastered by Mike Dean 🤣
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