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  1. I’ll try and incorporate the singles on the front too buy making a second cover
  2. That would be fucking sick!!! I’m going to do another mock up now!
  3. I have the wrinkled paper sleeves with my black 16 track vinyl… looks sick…
  4. Can I just say fuck you to whomever in the world is responsible for the shipment for jb hi fi Australia’s stock being late. drown in the pool.
  5. Waiting for it to arrive! Wish it had come this week before the actual release…
  6. I wish!!! I wish I got to do ALL the frozen remix covers so that they would be cohesive leading up to this project!
  7. THANKS! I loved the close up, only place “Madonna” felt right was on the forehead where there was enough space, also sort of is a nod to Madame x art AND more so, Frida K. Fake/Printed hype sticker was needed to cover what you could see of her dress haha! I wish I could have designed the inside and back and or booklet or however it comes too but oh well. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh!
  8. Hahaha yasssss I could do better but I just wanted to share it cus I was having so much fun dancing to it haha ill make better ones
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