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  1. Hahaha yasssss I could do better but I just wanted to share it cus I was having so much fun dancing to it haha ill make better ones
  2. 1, I’m not pro 2. I don’t care what you think about it lol unless it’s nice … Had some fun https://on.soundcloud.com/45bSS1qEkeUQZbrJA
  3. OKAY... I'm sorry for causing any confusion or upset! I accidently "quoted" someone instead of leaving a separate comment.. Sorry I find navigating this website a bit hard! Totally new to forums so again, I apologise.. Just want to clarify that I didn't start a thread to "promote" myself, I did it to converse with other M fans and have fun, not trying to sell or promote anything
  4. Thank you so much , im getting much of my original madonna art photographed as to create art prints which will be available by the end of the year, thank for following! xoxoxoxox
  5. Okay, this is the place I can vent my opinion… I wish FEL was released physically the same day it hit streaming. I can’t figure out what the pro is of releasing it physically a month later…??? I get that the 16 track had to hit streaming first because if the 50 and 16 hit streaming at the same time there would be no need for the 16. The 16 track is probably for boomers who wanna buy a cd for the car lol. I don’t know, can’t make sense of it, just WAITING for august 19!!!! I guess it’s better to be waiting for something rather than nothing… Allso, the Material Girl and Hung Up remixes from Pride should have been sent to streaming the night she performed them, then she would have made a tonne from people streaming it right away.
  6. hey! im always playing around with images, follow me on insta! @brendonshayart
  7. Haha! I love reading what you guys think on here! So insightful! Ha! I have no idea! xx
  8. Yes! it was heaps of fun, no she wasn't difficult at all! No I don't think those images were ever considered but I do love that vinyl mock up!
  9. i really love this one also! i know M saw it, reposted it, but not sure if it was ever considered...
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