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  1. It's a good point. It was such a fun show live, had the best time.
  2. There is a digital release. Just minus Sodade and Crave.
  3. I agree the font is awful. The photo is gorgeous though .
  4. I think the thing that frustrated me the most is that the author can't seem to arrive at any specific point of view regarding the things he's discussing and dissecting.
  5. Just finished it. Definitely worth reading, well-researched but also slightly frustrating at times. There are some glaring misinterpretations as well as some very thinly stretched arguments. I also would love to see Andre Betts' reaction to the painfully laboured analysis of his rap on Did You Do It? He'd probably piss himself laughing.
  6. Please no, she's not Michael Jackson. Children's choirs are devil's work!
  7. I've got the EU pressing and all the errors are present, just checked.
  8. I've always loved it, always will.
  9. Yup, and it was possible to get tickets for Beyonce on the day of the show at half price, in UK at least.
  10. Are you really quoting a case from 60 years ago to support this point? And completely disregarding the second part of my argument that addressed the possibility of such outcome (ie. resignation)? Bless, I'm out.
  11. Just because he's being "pressured" doesn't mean that he will. That's one. Two: The Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment so I doubt that he cares. And three: even if he DID resign, the Supreme Court would still have a conservative majority and would undoubtedly continue pushing socially backwards and conservative agenda as it has in the past couple of years, actual policies that affect actual humans, so I'm lost in regards to your hypothetical point here.
  12. Forgive me but that's a very naive point of view and one that has no base in reality. But if you can provide examples of the above I'm all ears.
  13. Main stream media doesn't implement policies or change laws, law makers do. The US Supreme Court hasn't been this conservative in decades, the GOP has got majority in the House. So please, spare me the notion that just because bigots get called out on Twitter the "woke" somehow are in control. You're entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts.
  14. Humourless? I find tons of humour in it actually.
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