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  1. You thought the music video was bad. I tried watching Zane Lowe's interview with her this morning and had to switch off after 5 minutes cause my breakfast started coming up (to be fair that was equally his doing though).
  2. Ritts might be difficult to get a hold of on the account of being dead but I get your point. And of course I don't see Gomes as being in the same league as Newton etc but he is responsible for creating her image at the moment, the same way those other photographers were at different stages of her career. I mean, as a professional photographer myself, I'm probably just bitter and the fact that Gomes comes across as a bit of a douche in his interviews doesn't help.
  3. Herb Ritts Demarchelier Helmut Newton Steven Meisel Testino... ...Ricardo Gomes Sigh...
  4. If I'm not mistaken it was the most played song on the UK radio in 1999. Love it. Though I have to admit I prefer Orbit's original edits which aren't compressed to oblivion the way the released version is.
  5. If you wanna see some behaviour that's actually uncalled for and unprofessional check this diva. And he's talking to HIS crew member:
  6. Or perhaps by "treating her like shit" she meant that godawful remix?
  7. It's very good, I'd say the ultimate M biography so far. Especially first half of the book with Madonna's early years and beginnings. It's also the only biography of Madonna that positions her career and its stages within sociocultural context of the times they occurred in.
  8. The most offensive thing about this book is how badly it's written.
  9. You're the only one with that file it seems .
  10. What are you smoking? The bass is very much there, it just changes key at 4:04.
  11. But it's not about the book quote - that's super vague and I agree, it can be used to create drama and sell copies. I didn't think of it much until I saw the recent interview (March 1 2024) in The New Yorker where Ru Paul says this: "“In aging, there is a natural flow,” he opines. “And, when you’re against the flow, it doesn’t look right, it doesn’t feel right. The energy around the Madonna thing—it feels weird, right?,” Ru adds, referring to her “chasing arena tours and grills in your teeth.” A comment which you seem to be conveniently ignoring in all of your responses.
  12. That's disappointing and surprising. Diana Ross, one of his biggest idols, did an arena tour last year at the age of 78. Tina Turner, another huge idol of his, did her last arena tour at the age of 69. Not to mention the fact that Ru himself is only marginally younger than M, and still goes through the hassle of putting on tons of make up, corsets, wigs, high heels, etc, in the name of performance. The lack of self-awareness here is quite remarkable.
  13. I don't think that's a fair assessment to be honest, given what the song was inspired by (loss of friends to AIDS).
  14. Perhaps Maverick wasn't jazz enough for Niki... In all seriousness though, I get the impression Maverick predominantly signed artists who wrote their own material (Alanis, Michelle Branch, Meshell Ndegeocello, Cleopatra, Deftones, etc). Don't think Niki has done any songwriting, unless I'm mistaken. Her tracks with Snap! are bangers however.
  15. Have lunatics finally taken over the asylum? I mean, what the what? :lol:

    1. survivalartist



      we're all mad here?

    2. Anapausis


      You just cannot be a M fan and not to pay the price, so sit down, baby, and watch us burn!!!

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