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  1. It's all madonna's fault. She didn't give us M15 so people have now limited "words" to choose for username. No new song titles or phrases.
  2. she will and she should direct her biopic imo even though she is not an expert. I just hope ricardo won't be involved. don't want to see his name in credits
  3. Haha. You are always positive and this is a very good thing. I really mean it I am not hating to hate.... One can maybe replace it with "Disappointed". I am just disappoitned that its been going for 5 years now, half a decade. And it has done alot of damage. I remember seeing her show in Stockholm last year and a woman sitting next to me was asking what is wrong with her instagram. Two other people I know didn't want to see her because of her attitude on instagram. I used to defend her on ig and stan twitter when people made fun of her for her surgery and photoshop.Of course, I love her and will support her always. But you cant always defend her for stupid reasons like cheap facetuning.
  4. She herself was better photographer ngl. Miss her selfies like these.
  5. He isn't even consistent with filters. Each pic is giving different madonna and this is why he sucks.
  6. Yes , I prefer pre ricardo ig era. Improved content looks the same to me.
  7. He is the worst thing that happened to her. She doesn't see the fact that he sucks. It looks like she doesn't care, and her non-existing management doesn't notice either. I am tired of him and her ig posts.
  8. Has To Be is the only correct answer
  9. she looks gorgeous. glad that we got the professional photos.
  10. Drowned world Paradise not for me X-static process Inside of me Messiah
  11. hey fellow woman here . I totally agree with you. some members took it a little too far. at the same time i found some of the comments/replies funny. i mean her photographer or team (if she has one) should do something about bad photo editing.
  12. that she was working with max martin because when in doubt go to work.... nothing shuts down the noise or the naysayers more than being in the creative process
  13. I once saw her in my black & white dream. I was with my friends and she was walking around her convertible. There were only two cars on the road. She was smiling and looked beautiful, with flying hair. Surreal dream ever
  14. I think when you get older, strapless bra type thing is more comfortable.
  15. same here. Ray of light mv's are the best in terms of creativity imo.
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