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  1. If only radio stations played Madonna, then she could as a soloist.
  2. Can't people just fucking wait for it to be released officially. Stream the song she has out now this week. People really piss me off 🤬
  3. Surprise, surprise, Radio 1 don't have Madonna on their playlist with The Weeknd
  4. I can't stop listening to it on Spotify and YouTube. Does anyone know where I can buy it in FLAC, so it still contributes to the charts? It's crap quality on iTunes and Amazon.
  5. Agreed! I have zero interest in listening to this song until it's released officially. I want to stream and buy it then. It really bugs me when so-called Madonna fans are sharing and listening to the leaks.
  6. Radio 1 won't play Madonna, so it don't matter. They hate Madonna at Radio 1. Ageist cunts
  7. I really do think she's got a chance this time of charting, with the Weeknd and/or Sam Smith 🙏
  8. I think it sounds really good and slutty, I can't wait to hear it properly. Let's hope it actually gets played on the radio in the UK
  9. Maybe Madonna will get a hit single with Sam Smith, I'm hoping so.
  10. Sam does well in the UK charts, if it is a new song, hopefully it will finally give Madonna a chart hit 🙏
  11. Where on earth is the link or where to download this album in dolby atmos?
  12. How can Die Another Day be a sequel to Papa Don't Preach?
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