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  1. She's credited here as Lulu Smith, but I'd have to say this has to be one of the most obscure songs shes ever appeared on
  2. The way she went from having her hoohah on display for all to see literally around 10 years before then becoming a childrens book author.. the duality of her.. nobody else like it tbh
  3. it's cunty what can i say. grillz 4 eva!
  4. I just finally understood your username :Madonna048: here I was thinking it was roodjai or something lmfao

    1. RUADJAI


      It's cuz I make music myself... and every time I would tell someone I made electronic music (this is before 2008) they would always say "Oh that's so cool! Are you a DJ??" and I'm like... :Madonna007:

    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      are you having any more routine plastic surgery ?

    3. Joan Rivers

      Joan Rivers

      @A. A. Aardvark getting my 57th tit lift tomorrow :angel:

  5. Cherish x5 Hey You x5 Just really corny songs, especially when you consider the fact the woman who sang them isn't corny at all.
  6. out of sheer curiosity, was there ever a leak of the backdrop she used for Papa Don't Preach during the Who's That Girl Tour? I know that there were at least two versions used, a stop motion video and an archival footage video. Would be interesting to view these backdrops in full and not interrupted by random shots of M or her band.

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    2. wtg1987


      very unlikely it will leak - i would love anything unreleased from this tour - rehearsal audio, florence pro shot, soundboards from paris or wembley :) xx

    3. deathproof
    4. MCL_1993


      @wtg1987 Apparently, there is a real sounboard of Mountain View night 2. I know a few traders passed off night 1 which is insanely high Q for a casette recording from the 80s but the soundboard from night 2 is doing the rounds as well

  7. We really lost when Madonna didn't put latte on Hard Candy

    1. Rocco Comelon

      Rocco Comelon

      As she shouldn't. It would taste horrible if she mix the hot drink with a candy.


      JK :Madonna009:

    2. lap


      I would replace Incredible and Spanish Lesson for Across the Sky and Latte, I think both songs are great. So, the album would be almost perfect, except for the terrible artwork and photoshoot. 

    3. LoveAffair


      the final bounces were pretty bad tbh especially Latte

  8. So nice to see her dancing a little bit again on insta. Nothing seems to really stop her thank god.

  9. Since we're talking about hair for the tour, I'd like to see the same style she did for MDNA, around the first part of the show. She looked pretty badass so if there's a rock n roll part to the show, I think a similar look to this would be, again, badass.
  10. It could be worse, I guess.
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