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  1. Sometimes I think Madonna is too far ahead of her time. I think THIS would be the moment to declare a Revolution of Love. 

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    2. Fighter


      She actually was ahead of her time though. She was calling for a revolution of love since many people saw what was going on already back then. Don't forget when she put a swastika on Le Pen's head. At the same time I feel she got blindsided in the end and didn't keep up the message enough. 

    3. RUADJAI


      Yeah... it’s also a case of... it was happening elsewhere, it wasn’t real for the US yet, and we are a bit self absorbed. So the message didn’t necessarily resonate. 

    4. Fighter


      its easier to see when its happening somewhere else than in your own home... there was a lot of looney far right stuff happening during obama's term but people just thought it was more of the same, or on the fringes of politics.