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  1. It has to be on a computer. Hover over the users name and an option to ignore will pop up. Then make sure to check all boxes so you ignore everything. ♥️
  2. I tried on the Madame X jacket at the pop up store and that shit was not legit.
  3. Tell the chair not to sit like an open mouth of a back problem

    1. RUADJAI


      My back hurts

    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      U need to lower your base when you bend.

    3. deathproof


      Welcome to getting old

  4. Interesting. Unless it's explained to regular people I'm sure most people won't understand the significance of them playing this. Maybe those annoying daytime shows will talk non stop about it.
  5. Angel Thief of Hearts Die Another Day
  6. Considering people would have had to remove CD 1 and put in CD 2 I don't think it would have made sense. The Immaculate Collection is pretty concise and banger from beginning to end. I do think some of the songs end abruptly (Material Girl) while Like a Prayer gets a questionable dance breakdown but overall it's pretty immaculate.
  7. Does she say "I'm the retard" ???
  8. Honestly, if the cover was different and all references of Dick Tracy were removed I think people would see it for what it is, an amazing Big Band album. Hanky Panky deserves more recognition in her discography.
  9. You can tell she really likes this song. This is the captivating person we all fell in love with.
  10. I don't know if this counts but Ray of Light on Drowned World Tour is just perfection. The vocal, the interaction with Monty, the commanding of the stage... she was definitely back and different than we had ever seen her before.
  11. I mean… photographs require hundreds of shots and music videos require lots of footage that is cut… presenting only the best of the best… songs sometimes require multiple vocal takes…. it’s not really authentic either.
  12. If you read the interview snippet above you will see Kevin talking about the post production process and the issues present when blending different vocal takes. So... I think the idea that Madonna is rich and has a separate person for every single job is the misconception. This interview proves that Kevin was responsible, at least partly so, for presenting to her a finalized sound for the tour film at least a few times. He admits right there to pitching her vocal up to blend with other more in tune vocals. The fact that he says "pitch her up" is a red flag. Autotune is known for the robotic sound, but it is mostly used in a way that is very transparent and corrects pitch without altering the tone of ones voice. Most vocals you hear are autotuned now a days... He obviously didn't do that. He took the recording and pitched it up... which takes the sound file and speeds it up while simultaneously stretching it out creating an unnatural sound. Think of tik tok trends where you speed up the music and it gets higher pitch but then simultaneously stretching it so it doesn't get faster than the original. Anyone who works on music would have just slapped autotune on and called it a day. (minus the screaming parts cuz they are mostly not musical) What happened in Human Nature on Sticky & Sweet is clearly they corrected the main vocal and ignored/forgot about the vocal delay that is still her uncorrected vocal. How that MAJOR detail made it to the final project is insane to me. It sounds just horrible. Off key can be cool and punk rock and showcase maybe how physical one is being.... Even vocal doubling.... in the studio or live with Donna or that other girl in more recent years.... one of the vocals should be slightly off for it to sound good and thick...but these vocal discrepancies are off key in a non musical way... I know this may come across as arrogant, but if I was working with her and she decided to re record her vocals for the project... even for recording vocals for the songs she mimes... I would suggest she do a quick 30 minute workout first. Get her energy up, tire her out a little bit, and THEN record the vocals. You also gotta use the same mic (which is usually different than studio mics) and have her hold the microphone instead of having it on a stand so you get more realistic distances from her mouth to the mic. I think it's also worth noting that 2006 was the year she formed Semtex Films... so you can deduce what you want from that.
  13. Not thinking ahead. No attention to detail. Over editing without objectivity. Thinking you can get your friends to put out the same quality as top tier artists (Akerlund, Stuart Price) and then trying to fix everything at the end that wasn't done properly.
  14. But when you are fighting against blaming a certain group of people by blaming a certain group of people you have become the thing you are against.
  15. Your move @Mden. If your intention is to have an actual discussion, now is your chance. But vague right wing talking points are not gonna fly. The problem with you using the term "woke", is you are exposing yourself for being susceptible to whatever the right wing comes up with. There's no such thing as "the woke". It's a lie that was told to you and you bought it. It's a way to divide people so you can point and say that "they" are the problem. You expose yourself for not thinking for yourself. You have been "given" a thought to have. If your message is not love, inclusion, compassion, respect, and coexistence then you should look inside yourself and try and understand why. because your problems are not external. @PlayPause Take a breather. No typed words are gonna crumble your world. You are personally identifying with your thoughts and your thoughts are not who you are. You are the untouchable that thinks these thoughts. If someone challenges your thoughts, it is not a challenge of you. It doesn't affect who you are. It doesn't harm you. To quote our mother: "None of this is real, including how you feel"
  16. With all due respect I think you’ve lost the plot.
  17. I don’t think I’m even going. I can’t justify it right now. I’m sure I’ll regret it later… but daddy is poor. 🥹
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