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  1. Sugar... you can use gifs.... I was just using it as an example to try and reach you.
  2. Sorry to keep this going in here... This is the last. But I want to offer advice to @Adonna and I want to do it publicly for transparncy. Let me just offer some advice for you. Because it's no secret that people have strong feelings about you and this may help. When you are engaging in conversation, you tend to come across as a "know it all". And you seem to post on every single thread. I think people's frustrations stem from their perspective that you are trying to dominate the entire forum. Pair that with your writing tone that you and only you know the right answer to everything it becomes exhausting. You also tend to use phrases like "we all know" "at the end of the day" "let's not forget" that seem like you are speaking for everyone. No one likes that. It may seem innocent, but it indirectly invalidates someone else's opinion when you contradict everything they say while saying it in a tone that you know better than them. (We are all guilty of it, I do it sometimes too)
  3. No one is getting banned. Everyone here is valued as a member. Childish antics and all.
  4. A cry for help because what??! Because you don't like someone?? I don't understand why ignoring someone is so hard? No one can seem to just ignore people they do not like. Instead they resort to childish games that they end up getting reported for. So you don't like Adonna... SO WHAT. What do they do that is sooooooo detrimental to your time here that you feel a need to waste your time antagonize them? It's weird. There have been people who have been banned because of their behavior towards Adonna, but that's because they couldn't bring themselves to IGNORE. Instead after many REPEATED attempts to get them to ignore they instead chose to mock, antagonize this person. They chose to ban themselves. I don't necessarily like that you post a gif with every single post you make. Should I start harassing you? How would that make you feel? No one is treated differently here. And no one gets banned for no reason. There are just rules against harassing other members and people choose to harass instead of ignoring and get themselves into their own mess. If Adonna has harassed you... report it and we will take action. But no one has ever done so... the most we get is that you/they think Adonna is annoying... Ok... So what. Should I ban someone for being annoying? Is that a better practice? Should I ban everyone who is annoying? What do you think the answer is? And if you think that I or anyone else is persuaded by Vogurista and Adonna reacting positively to our posts... we're not. We see things for what they are and we make fair decisions. If you would like to give an example of an unfair decision then I'm open to hearing it. Message me at anytime. I have contacted Jackie when someone was reprimanded and I didn't agree. and we talked about it and reversed it. We are all open to discussion. I'm saying all this publicly so there can be complete transparency. And the only reason my tone is harsh is because this is all so childish and I assume every single one of us has better things to do than do whatever THIS is. We're getting downloads every single day, Madonna is in good health and looks amazing, and the forum has an ignore feature. You choose your own happiness or unhappiness.
  5. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. if you want to be specific so we can all know what you are talking about then maybe someone can answer your question. You have to understand that I don't see every single thing you see. If something is not reported then there's a good chance we will not see it. You are literally mocking someone by choosing a similar name and photo as them and then saying you don't like how other people have been treated. What's the problem?? What is the issue??
  6. What are we supposed to be celebrating?
  7. Poor thing. She had a rough life living out of her car. but she was well loved by many.
  8. Exactly what I was gonna say. The industry has changed and requires CONSTANT output on social media. This requires a certain type of photographer to follow her around. I think it gets messy when he THINKS he's on the same level or as important as these other photographers, which he is not. interesting read though.
  9. Can someone tell me why life is a circle? I really wanna know.
  10. Remember when she foreshadowed the rise of Gaga by releasing She's Not Me a whole year before she arrived?
  11. She put a few Papa Don't Preach easter eggs in this video
  12. LadyFag musta been hiding backstage. I didn't see her all night. Usually she's running around talking to everyone at her parties. But maybe this one was too big.
  13. This is rough video from her entrance
  14. No offense to anyone , but watching Estere “dj”….. I felt like we were being treated as fucking stupid. There’s no way she was DJing that set. It was a joke. M Wild is the world
  15. Nah. But they incorporated a bunch of her music into the ballroom performances. Just in case anyone was wondering if she would be welcomed as a cis white female.
  16. Shit looking extra tedious like a global pop star is in the building 👀
  17. They have a “M Margarita” on the bar menu
  18. You hit so hard with the things you say He was verbally abusive one could assume.
  19. Nah. But I would assume it's just a big ass club/festival type thing. 3 stages. Multiple Djs. Lots of dancing. and then a Ballroom Competition with legendary people including M.
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